View Full Version : If it went this way would fans still be mad or excited about this season

07-13-2010, 08:17 AM
If the free agency worked out this way with a few rumored trades happening, do you think the overall NBA fan still be mad about Miami or would they actually be more excited about next season and upcoming seasons. This would have 8 stud teams with OK and MIL being real good also. Sorry Atl & Clev.

Miami Sign's- LeBron-SF, D.Wade-SG , C.Bosh-PF

New York Sign's- Amare-PF, S&T Lee to SA for T.Parker-PG, sign C.Anthony-SF('11)

Chicago- J.Johnson-SG, C.Boozer-PF

Boston- J.O'Neal-PF/C, keeps all players it needs

Dal Sign's- Shaq-C, Trade Dampier and small pieces(picks) to Minn for

SA signs's - L.Ridnour-PG, J.Howard-SF, S&T T.Parker to NY for D.Lee-PF/C, keep
all needed players.

Por sign's- B.Hayward-C, Trades Bayles,Oden,Babbit & small pieces(picks) to NO for C.Paul

LA sign's- Small FA's and keeps all needed