View Full Version : This is pure comedy - Lebron WHATT

07-12-2010, 11:31 AM
A little birdie just CONFIRMED to MediaTakeOut.com that in between IMPREGNATING his babys mom Savannah, LeBron had a "fling" with Beyonce's cousin Angie Beyonce.

Angie is Beyonce's cousin and her former personal assistant. The two were BEST FRIENDS up until a few years ago when they had a falling out over some silly ish.

And our insider had an OPINION as to why they believe LeBron and Angie were dating. According to the insider, "LeBron is a real d1ckrider. I truly believe that he only dated her so that he could get inside the inner circle of Beyonce and Jay Z."

checkout the pics ... :facepalm:

http://mediatakeout.com/42144/he_was_with_whoooo_youll_never_guess_who_lebron_ja mes_used_to_date____when_he_was_taking_a_break_fro m_savannah.html

07-12-2010, 11:34 AM
Lebron hate is getting kind of silly. Everyone needs to move on from the "Decision" already and just concentrate on beating these a-holes.