View Full Version : Not giving up.

07-09-2010, 05:16 PM
I for one think that we as pistons fans have been entirely too hard on C.V., and Ben Gordon, but more C.V. The pistons have always been able to get more out of their players because the palace is electric and the fans get behind their players. Before coming to Detroit C.V. had something like 18 games over 20 points in Milwaukee. Surely the pistons can find a way to get him 20 points more than 18 times if Milwaukee can. He got hurt, Q had to shuffle the roster, and it was not an ideal situation for the young players and the new players. Lets stop kicking V. while he is down, lets get behind him. Sure his defense needs helps, but we have one of the best defenders in the history of the NBA in Big Ben, I am sure with a bit of help V. can at least not be a liability on the defense. I also think its time to try and get what we can for Hamilton and Prince, not because we donít need them, but lets get some help for the young guys, rebuild the nucleus and give Rip and prince a chance to win another title with another team. I wouldn't say we should send them to Cleveland or anything, but if the Nicks or Bulls have interest in them, which both could be legitimate contenders, or at least playoff teams with a bit of help, then lets do it. Lets get behind C.V., Gordon, Monroe, Stuckey, J.J. and the rest of the young guys and show them what its like to be a Piston, unconditional fan support. We made a bunch of guys who nobody else wanted champs before, I am sure we can do it again. No way those guys play up to their ability and thrive if all they see on the message boards is fans not wanting them around. Stop being like the fair weather fans of other cities and man up and stand behind our team.