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07-09-2010, 10:11 AM
I'm not sure if there is already a thread for this. Hopefully there isn't. What do you guys think the big three average in Miami next year? Points-Rebounds Assists.

Here's mine:

Lebron: 24-8-11. I think he has to score less given he has a couple other guys who can carry the scoring load. He may actually rebound a bit more (especially if he plays PF) and I think he can average a few more assists per game dishing it to Wade, Bosh and Miller (and whoever else happens to play for the Heat next year).

DWade: 25-4-5. I think his numbers might suffer the most. He's been the only player on his team for a while, now he wont have to score as much as Lebron and Bosh will help with that. Lebron and Bosh should also grab a few rebounds that Dwayne normally gets. Finally, I think that Lebron will handle most of the play-making duties so his assist numbers will drop.

Bosh: 19-12-2. Bosh will be the third scoring option so I think his scoring numbers will drop significantly since he is no longer the first option. I think he will be the teams primary rebounder and grab down tons of boards. He isn't the best passer, but I'm sure this team will give him a few assists per game by virtue of who he gets to pass to.

07-09-2010, 10:12 AM
So lemme know what you guys think!