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07-07-2010, 10:35 AM
Istanbul, for who is coming for first time to this wonderful city

i've planned this trip for a week to turkey. i've been wondering how it would be. let me tell you how i've come to turkey. my first stop is istanbul and i'm new here, just arrived two days ago.
first of all, i've booked for a place to stay from istanbulhotelsonline.com. then i've searched for the transportation and made reservation from istanbulhotelsonline.com. i could recommend these web sites for who wants to come turkey. it's brilliant and comfortable.
i've visited sultanahmet until now as a typical tourist. the weather is just for me, sunshine. it was great for me since i come from london where there is always raining.
so far so good. i will tell you more later on my trip, let's see how it will be.

have a nice day