View Full Version : The Business of Basketball vs. the Game Itself

GSW Hoops
07-07-2010, 02:14 AM
In the 2010 NBA Finals, we had an incredible matchup with Boston vs. L.A., and arguably the best game 7 in the past two or three decades. Yet the Finals haven't been over for 3 weeks and it's already old news.

The moment the Finals were over, the NBA Draft took most of the attention. Now everyone has plunged head-first into free agency. ESPN and other sports media outlets seem to be covering more NBA news now than during the season!

Why are people more excited about the business of NBA basketball--drafts, salary caps, free agency--than the actual game itself?

Am I one of the few NBA fans who actually care about basketball and not the garbage surrounding it?

07-07-2010, 02:27 AM
That finals was the best game 7 in the past 3 decades? Seems like a bit of a stretch, considering it was sloppy as hell from both sides and the player who's supposedly the games best player (at least according to southern Californians) barely showed up, but that's beside the point.

That NBA finals got fantastic ratings, and delivered for the most part. People watched it, liked it, and now are moving on from it. What do you want, a month long parade in honor of it? Constant ESPN analysis over the games supplemented by a replay of it each night? It's over, there's not much more to say about it.

This free agency (in particular) has the possibility to change the makeup of teams for the next half decade, and it has a "personal" effect on a lot more people than a Boston/LA finals being that their team is likely being rumored to be involved with it in some fashion. And with about 5 teams all thinking they have a legitimate chance of landing one of the biggest superstars to ever come through this league - in his prime - I think you can put the pieces together.

This free agency media coverage has gotten a little out of hand from the likes of ESPN, etc. But you have to remember, they're only supplying the demand. A lot of people (some of the largest markets) have serious hopes that their struggling franchises will be resurrected in the next week or two - that's going to draw a shitload more interest than one NBA finals (especially if you don't like both teams playing in it).