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07-03-2010, 11:03 AM
Lets say, in 2003, Cleveland decides to go by position need, rather than best player availiable. Their highest need was at the 4, so Milicic might be taken, followed by LeBron. Results: 1. Cavs still suck, probably get lottery pick in 2004 Draft. 2. Pistons don't trade for Wallace, they have Prince at the 4 now. (don't have ENOUGH inside power, LA wins Finals again). Shaq, Kobe then sign extensions with Lakers, create an uber-dynasty, surpassing the Celtics as the #1 team in NBA History.

Lets say the Cavs get the #1 pick, again. Now they need a PG, but there are none good right now. So Cleveland trades the 1st overall pick to Washington for the 5th overall. Washington selects C/PF Emeka Okafor, and Charlotte picks C Dwight Howard 2nd. The Cavs end up with Devin Harris now at PG. How that affects now: Cavs still suck, just not as bad, but they will never get a winning season for a long time. Also, Charlotte, who picked 13th in the 2005 draft (via trade), would not select F Sean May, because they have Howard. So instead, they select F Danny Granger.

The Pacers and Cavs will be the 2 worst teams in the NBA, and the Lakers would be almost unstoppable, with the Bobcats becoming the beast of the East

Thats just some of the results... but WOW. Potentially, the Bobcats could become Eastern Conference Champions if Cleveland selected Darko.

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in b4 the delete.

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Really? Lol come on man

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Im a Bobcats fan, and i'm confused as ****

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This was a bit much. It wouldnt have even made sense for them to draft anybody but LBJ. I mean, you could say: what if the Cavs hadnt won the lottery, but there is no way any GM in the league would have had any inclination to draft anybody above LBJ that year, and had the Pistons ended up with the first pick or LBJ, they still could have pulled off the Wallace trade and James would have been on a contender his first season, allowing him to jump start a dynasty and meet and beat Kobe in his rookie year.

But seriously, as a guy who likes 'what if' scenrios, this one is a bit long

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You can pretty much have a "what if" scenario for everything and it would of changed the landscape of the NBA.

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All in favor of no more "What if?" threads say aye.

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yay i made it b4 it got closed

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At first I thought it would be a more serious "what if" topic :D like what if the Clippers or the Grizzlies won the lottery

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who say me say me say what :confused:

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cmon LeBron was considered arguably the greatest draft prospect in history after Shaq.

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I don't understand why they won't trade for wallace ? :confused:
Prince is not a 4. If anything, Detroit would have been ****ing ridiculous and would have won championships for the rest of the decade.

Anyways, this is stupid.

OG "Dee" LOCc
07-03-2010, 11:38 AM
Too much time on your hands

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lebron was the most hyped player in 2003 coming out of high school. the cavs would have been stupid to not select lebron even if they didn't need him

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did u slip into coma after 2003 draft and wake up just now?

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Then he would of been drafted by someone else.. :clap:

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what if the hawks instead of drafting Marvin Williams, drafted Chris Paul huh? theres tons of what ifs i could think of that would have changed the whole league, like what if the Lakers traded Kobe instead of Shaq?

07-03-2010, 12:02 PM
Then he would of been drafted by someone else.. :clap:

u make too many of these "duh, no s h i t comments" it's getting kinda old...

any-who...Only thing i can think of to answer your question is that Cleveland wouldn't even be in the mix of FA talks and probably not the team he was drafted by because he wouldnt have the hometown emotional ties...

07-03-2010, 12:03 PM
what if the hawks instead of drafting Marvin Williams, drafted Chris Paul huh?

And then Brandon Roy instead of Shelden Williams the next year ...