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06-30-2010, 03:14 AM
I was looking at the schedule and with all the other holes on the team, I feel this one is just as important. There are 17 times this season games are played on back to back nights, with many of them tough games. Out of the 34 games 5 of them are in a Sat-Sat span (two times, so 10 games)and 5 in a Sun-Sat span. IMO the decision comes down to what mode are we going into for next season, because either way Hank is going to need a rest.

If we a playoff minded team than we have to go with a Biron type goalie. A solid back up that we are comfortable playing 20 games this season. IMO 20 games is the number of games Hank would need to be ready come playoff time, Id even take a couple more games looking at how the schedule looks during the back to back times. A better solid backup would allow Hank to get the needed rest and keep him on his toes down the stretch. And of course the big what if Hank goes down and is out for a month or more. This of course lowers cap space to the other holes.

If we are are not spending money in UFA as stated, then we are letting young players develop, then the obvious choice is Chad Johnson. I don't see Torts playing him 20 games, because if Chad hasn't earned his trust he's gonna keep turning to Hank.

I would rather see Johnson get the time regardless of what type of team we are however if we truly are a playoff bound team, to ultimately win the Cup in 10-11, than we need a proven back up. We need a goalie that were comfortable with.

Look at Vally, under Renney (due to the system also) Vally played games the same teams like toronto, philly, the lighter games of the back to backs. We were comfortable when we saw who he was playing. Last year, he got lit Torts lost all confidence in him and there goes his season.

The same could go for Johnson but there is only way to find out. If we don't bring him up soon he may never come up. How else is a goalie going to get NHL experience. Sure he may not be in game mode, but in practice hes facing shots from NHLers instead of games against minor league players. Look at these two goalies, both first round draft picks. Fleury played the year after he was drafted and even though he got scored on his first shot the Penguins let him develop and he won them Cup. The other side of the coin is Montoya who was drafted a year later and has played 5 NHL games, 0 as a Ranger.

With the schedule, even if the back up played half of the back to back games thats 8.5 games(Id like to see more played). So if you give Hank of 7 games off the rest of the way, due to rest, minor cold, worn down. Thats already 15 games.

06-30-2010, 07:47 AM
More importantly, they need to sign a guy (because Johnson's not ready for this duty yet) who can provide more than just the 15-20 games as a back-up for Lundqvist. If he gets injured and misses significant time, the Rangers need a guy who has had success as a #1 goalie to carry the load in the event of disaster (think: every opposing forward who crashed into the net last season).