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06-18-2010, 12:57 PM
is it me or is ron artest a recovering addict?

also, kobe threw shaq under the bus. again. why call him out? there was so much made about this being the series to cement kobe's legacy...and he cemented it:

as the most arrogant athlete of all time.

yea, jordan was kind of a d***head at his hall of fame acceptance speech, but he called out bryan russel. the guy who guarded him. kobe shoulda called out jesus shuttlesworth...:eyebrow:

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All the crap Shaq has done over the years to Kobe... Kobe was waiting for this to get him back. Shaq understands. Shaq has said numerous things about Kobe both negative and positive. That is why Shaq just said this on twitter...
"Congratulations Kobe, u deserve it. U played great. Enjoy it man enjoy it. I know what ur sayin "Shaq how my *** taste"

You must have forgotten the song "Kobe how's my a*s taste"