View Full Version : David Lemieux

06-16-2010, 02:55 PM
I was watching friday night fights & I saw one hell of a prospect in Mr. Lemieux.I was on the phone with my best friend(Oracle650)& he was watching as well & we were both impressed.He took on a solid fighter in Elvin Ayala & he disposed of him in 1 round.I am already a fan of this guy.He has ko'd pretty much everyone he's fought.He's a Montreal based fighter & I've never really been that sold on fighters based out of there lately but I like this guy & I cant wait to see more of him in the future.He'll eclipse the Pascals & Bute's out their.

06-17-2010, 02:29 AM
I love that this kid's become such a hot topic since Friday, the way he sits down on that hook is a thing of beauty. The raw power's always been there when he was KO'ing club level guys here but it's really exciting too see him fighting some stiffer, more experienced competition against Smitchett and now Ayala at just 21.

Lemieux's a really, really big deal to Canadian fans (although this is the first fight of his that I've gotten to see broadcast in English). He's trained by one of the higher profile Canadians in boxing and he's developed himself a hell of a following in Montreal. He's got a good technical background, he's defensively sound (perhaps a bit too cautious, it might serve him well to drop the hands a bit when he's out of range and use his jab some more), has a ton of power, and the killer instinct to be a star. I could see him having some problems with guys with especially fast hands down the line but for now they'll move him along slowly. I'm probably overlooking some of his less obvious flaws but A) he's 21 and B) I'm obviously biased, I'm admittedly really exited about a guy who has the chance to be the first Canadian born star in this sport in a very long time.