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06-05-2010, 05:15 PM
After watching their suffocating, shut down defense take out the Heat, Cavs, and Magic i assumed that the Celtics were rejuvenated and were for real. After thinking about it wonder if the Celtics had the easiest playoffs road of all the teams? Im not bashing Boston at all. I like all their players and hope they compete, but i think their defense was perfect for the teams they played. They specialize in shutting down superstars and making others beat them. The Heat offense is not that great when Wade is factored out. The Cavs offense is even worse. The Magic rely less on their superstar than the Heat and Cavs but they still base their offense around D12 and rely on him heavily. Boston played physical and shut down Howard, James, and Wade and therefore they won each series rather easily. How well would Boston have fared if they had faced a team like Charlotte that has many weapons and play their hearts out? Or even a healthy Bucks team? What will be their strategy against the deep Lakers who dont rely too much on Kobes greatness and play just as physical? Just something i was thinking about?

Edit: Sorry messed up the title. I did this on my phone

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I can't like this title enough

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Im not so sure your point is valid. If you shut down the opponents best player regardless of who you play your odds of winning increase a lot.

suns shut down nash like the spurs did with bruce bowen...

Their road was very hard. You cant just shut down the regular season best team in the league easily.... theirs a reason why they won all their games....

Sadds The Gr8
06-05-2010, 05:29 PM
wtf? Orlando and Cleveland were the 2 best teams this year. How is that an easy road? I don't know if you're serious or if u worded that horribly...

I 100% disagree, but I do think they aren't as good as the 2008 team. I never thought they were as good as that 08 team like most people on this forum did...

lol and yea...the title fails miserably

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then don't watch

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Oh ok. Just let the thread die. It was just a thought. I only wondered how they would have fared against a team that doesnt base the offense on their superstar. I didnt mean to sound ignorant.

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then don't watch

the Mamba strikes again.

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then don't watch


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You guys successfully killed yet another thread.

It was a legit question. We will, however, know the answer in a few days.