View Full Version : who do you think will be the top 5 players in this draft?

05-20-2010, 07:23 PM
when its all said and done, which 5 players do u think will be the best NBA players:

1. John Wall - I really think the kid has potential to be an NBA Legend. He obvioulsy has the athletic ability, the basketballl skills, and the mature mind set it takes to be GREAT.

2.Evan Turner - Everyone says hes a Brandon Roy clone. I think hell be better the Brandon Roy. Hes an amazing balll handler, is crafty getting to the basket, and regardless of what people say, he has a great shot. Hes going to be a top 3 shooting guard in the NBA for years to come.

3.Donatas Motiejunas - Just wait and see. Dirk Nowtizki, Pau Gasol, and finally Donatas Motiejunas. Has Dirk Nowitizki-like range with Pau Gasol's inside scoring ability and is a long 7'1".

4.DeMarcus Cousins - Hes Al Jefferson with two more inches, hes Eddy Curry if he kept his head on straight, and hes Zach Randolph (this year). People say he has personailty issues. not at all. he has a temper, but he has a big motor as well. Hes going to be one of those players that if you get him angry, hell be literally and competely unstoppable.

5.Wesley Johnson - I think hes going to be a very very good player. Probably make a couple all star appearances. Hes a 3 but could probably slide down to the 2 if need be. Great outside shooter. Great athlete

p.s. mods please keep this in the nba forum. noone goes to the nbadraft forum and i really wanna know peoples opinions

05-20-2010, 07:35 PM
In no order jordan crawford, paul george, evan turner, john wall, wesley johnson

05-20-2010, 07:36 PM
I believe Turner > Wall.

-Haven't seen the Motiejunas play but from what I've read, he's a special player.

-I really like Cousins. Dude has a sweet inside game.

-Fan of Wesley Johnson but don't think he's a player that will make multiple all-star appearances.

05-21-2010, 08:39 AM
Funny you put Donatas Motiejunas in at 3... yesterday morning I was saying how he could be the surprise pick of the Russian owner... as he is from a neighboring country.

Not sure if Johnson would go to my kings. Favors and Monroe would also be tempting at that pick. We already have depth at PF, but we really need post defense and rebounding.