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05-20-2010, 01:16 AM
2010 NBA Mock Draft

First Round

1. Washington Wizards- John Wall PG Kentucky
2. Philadelphia 76ers- Evan Turner SG/SF Ohio State
3. New Jersey Nets- Derrick Favors PF Georgia Tech
4. Minnesota Timberwolves- Wesley Johnson SF Syracuse
5. Sacramento Kings- Demarcus Cousins PF/C Kentucky
6. Golden State Warriors- Al Farouq Aminu SF Wake Forest
7. Detroit Pistons- Cole Aldrich C Kansas
8. Los Angeles Clippers- Greg Monroe PF Georgetown
9. Utah Jazz (From New York Knicks via Phoenix Suns)- Ed Davis PF North Carolina
10. Indiana Pacers- Gordon Hayward SG/SF Butler
11. New Orleans Hornets- Epke Udoh PF/C Baylor
12. Memphis Grizzlies- Avery Bradley PG/SG Texas
13. Toronto Raptors- Daniel Orton C Kentucky
14. Houston Rockets- Hassan Whiteside C Marshall
15. Milwaukee Bucks (From Chicago Bulls)- Luke Babbitt SF Nevada
16. Minnesota Timberwolves (From Charlotte Bobcats via Denver Nuggets)- James Anderson SG/SF Oklahoma State
17. Chicago Bulls (From Milwaukee Bucks)- Xavier Henry SG Kansas
18. Miami Heat- Eric Bledsoe PG Kentucky
19. Boston Celtics- Paul George SF Fresno State
20. San Antonio Spurs- Quincy Pondexter SF Washington
21. Oklahoma City Thunder- Donatas Motiejunas PF Lithuania
22. Portland Trail Blazers- Damion James SF Texas
23. Minnesota Timberwolves (From Utah Jazz via Philadelphia 76ers)- Solomon Alabi C Florida State
24. Atlanta Hawks- Willie Warren PG/SG Oklahoma
25. Memphis Grizzlies (From Denver Nuggets)- Patrick Patterson PF Kentucky
26. Oklahoma City Thunder (From Phoenix Suns)- Tiny Gallon PF/C Oklahoma
27. New Jersey Nets (From Dallas Mavericks)- Terrico White SG Mississippi
28. Memphis Grizzlies (From Los Angeles Lakers)- Jordan Crawford SG/SF Xavier
29. Orlando Magic- Devin Ebanks SF West Virginia
30. Washington Wizards (From Cleveland Cavaliers)- Craig Brackins PF Iowa State

Second Round

1. New Jersey Nets- Stanley Robinson SF Connecticut
2. Oklahoma City Thunder (From Minnesota Timberwolves)- Lance Stephenson SG Cincinnati
3. Sacramento Kings- Elliot Williams SG Memphis
4. Golden State Warriors- Larry Sanders PF Virginia Commonwealth
5. Washington Wizards- Kevin Seraphin PF France
6. Detroit Pistons- Gani Lawal PF Georgia Tech
7. Milwaukee Bucks (From Philadelphia 76ers)- Jerome Jordan PF/C Tulsa
8. New York Knicks- Dominique Jones SG South Florida
9. New York Knicks (From Los Angeles Clippers via Denver Nuggets)- Jarvis Varnado PF Mississippi State
10. Indiana Pacers- Armon Johnson PG Nevada
11. Miami Heat (From New Orleans Hornets)- Dexter Pittman C Texas
12. Miami Heat (From Toronto Raptors)- Darington Hobson SF New Mexico
13. Los Angeles Lakers (From Memphis Grizzlies)- Manny Harris PG/SG Michigan
14. Portland Trail Blazers (From Chicago Bulls)- Tommy-Mason Griffin PG Oklahoma
15. Minnesota Timberwolves (From Houston Rockets)- Trevor Booker PF Clemson
16. Phoenix Suns (From Charlotte Bobcats)- Greivis Vasquez PG/SG Maryland
17. Milwaukee Bucks- Robin Benzing SF Germany
18. Miami Heat- Sylven Landesberg SG Virginia
19. San Antonio Spurs- Dwayne Collins PF Miami
20. Dallas Mavericks (From Oklahoma City Thunder)- Jon Scheyer SG Duke
21. Oklahoma City Thunder (From Portland Trail Blazers via Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves)- Da'Sean Butler SF West Virginia
22. Boston Celtics- Brian Zoubek C Duke
23. Atlanta Hawks- Omar Samhan PF Saint Marys
24. Los Angeles Clippers (From Denver Nuggets)- Scottie Reynolds PG Villanova
25. Utah Jazz- Luke Harangody PF Notre Dame
26. Minnesota Timberwolves (From Phoenix Suns)- Dennis Clemente PG Kansas State
27. Dallas Mavericks- Wayne Chism PF Tennessee
28. Los Angeles Lakers- Deon Thompson PF North Carolina
29. Orlando Magic- Aubrey Coleman SG Houston
30. Phoenix Suns (From Cleveland Cavaliers)- Latavious Williams SF Tulsa 66ers (NBDL)

Best Players Available
Mikhail Torrance PG Alabama
Miroslav Raduljica C Serbia
Artsiom Parakhouski C Radford
Raymar Morgan SF Michigan State
Sherron Collins PG Kansas
Samardo Samuels PF Louisville
Jerome Dyson SG Connecticut
Matt Bouldin PG Gonzaga
Tim Ohlbrecht PF Germany
Pablo Aguilar SF Spain
Tibor Pleiss C Germany
Ryan Richards PF England
Alexy Shved SG Russia
Charles Garcia PF Seattle University
Ben Uzoh PG Tulsa
Nemanja Bjelica SF Serbia
Tyren Johnson SF Louisiana Lafayette
Derrick Caracter PF UTEP
Elijah Millsap SG UAB
Mac Koshwal C Depaul
Marqus Blakely PF Vermont
Courtney Fortson PG Arkansas
Jeremy Lin PG Harvard
Ryan Wittman SF Cornell
Boban Marjanovic C Serbia

Picks by Team
Atlanta Hawks- Willie Warren, Omar Samhan
Boston Celtics- Paul George, Brian Zoubek
Charlotte Bobcats- None
Chicago Bulls- Xavier Henry
Cleveland Cavaliers- None
Dallas Mavericks- Jon Scheyer, Wayne Chism
Denver Nuggets- None
Detroit Pistons- Cole Aldrich, Gani Lawal
Golden State Warriors- Al Farouq Aminu, Larry Sanders
Houston Rockets- Hassan Whiteside
Indiana Pacers- Gordon Hayward, Armon Johnson
Los Angeles Clippers- Greg Monroe, Scottie Reynolds
Los Angeles Lakers- Manny Harris, Deon Thompson
Memphis Grizzlies- Avery Bradley, Patrick Patterson, Jordan Crawford
Miami Heat- Eric Bledsoe, Dexter Pittman, Darington Hobson, Sylven Landesberg
Milwaukee Bucks- Luke Babbitt, Jerome Jordan, Robin Benzing
Minnesota Timberwolves- Wesley Johnson, James Anderson, Solomon Alabi, Trevor Booker, Dennis Clemente
New Jersey Nets- Derrick Favors, Terrico White, Stanley Robinson
New York Knicks- Dominique Jones, Jarvis Varnado
New Orleans Hornets- Epke Udoh
Oklahoma City Thunder- Donatas Motiejunas, Tiny Gallon, Lance Stephenson, Da'sean Butler
Orlando Magic- Devin Ebanks, Aubrey Coleman
Philadelphia 76ers- Evan Turner
Phoenix Suns- Greivis Vasquez
Portland Trail Blazers- Damion James, Tommy-Mason Griffin
Sacramento Kings- Demarcus Cousins, Elliot Williams
San Antonio Spurs- Quincy Pondexter, Dwayne Collins
Toronto Raptors- Daniel Orton
Utah Jazz- Ed Davis, Luke Harangody
Washington Wizards- John Wall, Craig Brackins, Kevin Seraphin

Analysis by Team
Atlanta Hawks- Chances are the Hawks will lose Joe Johnson. Lucky for them, they have Jamal Crawford who can step up into the starting lineup and take over Joe Johnsons role. Willie Warren was at one point a top 10 pick but with Oklahomas bad season and his season ending injury, he dropped to the end of the 1st round. He will be able to step into Jamal Crawfords 6th man role eventually. Omar Samhan is a good value pick in the 2nd round. He proved he can play in the NCAA Tournament. He has good height and nice speed with a solid shot. If he can add some more strength, he could really be a good backup post man.
Boston Celtics- The Celtics don't have any big needs except maybe needing to get a bit younger. Paul George has the most upside in the draft besides Hassan Whiteside. Give him a few years under Pierce and he will turn into a solid starter. He has an underrated shot, and can throw down as well. Zoubek is a solid 7footer. He probably won't ever be a starter but he could defenitely become a good backup center.
Charlotte Bobcats- N/A
Chicago Bulls- Could Xavier Henry be Lebron James backup? Either way, Xavier Henry is a good fit for the bulls. After John Salmons was traded, the bulls were forced to play Hinrich at SG primarily. Xavier Henry could instantly be one of the best 3pt shooters in the NBA.
Cleveland Cavaliers- N/A
Dallas Mavericks- The Mavericks put up two solid role players in the 2nd round. Jon Scheyer has received a lot of criticism. Many think he can't do in the NBA, what he did in college. This sounds very similar to the criticism JJ Reddick received when he came out of Duke and now Reddick is a solid role player. If Scheyer can continue to just be an amazing shooter, then he will most likely always have a role somewhere in the league. (Jason Kapono/Kyle Korver both do). Wayne Chism is a solid value pick at the end of the 2nd round considering he was once considered a lottery pick.
Denver Nuggets- N/A
Detroit Pistons- The Pistons had the most dissapointing season out of any NBA team last season. After they signed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, they were considered for-sure playoff teams. They lacked in an inside presence though which makes the Cole Aldrich pick a no-brainer. He will bring instant defense in the post and can work the pick n'roll. Gani Lawal could also fight for playing time in the post.
Golden State Warriors- I'm very surprised that not many mock drafts have Farouq going to the Warriors. He seems like a good fit for their up tempo offense team. Farouq is an athletic freak, can play SF or PF. He is not necessarily a great shooter but he won't need to be shooting a lot with Monta and Curry on the floor. Larry Sanders is another very athletic player who could play C, PF, or SF for the Warriors. He is a great rebounder and shot blocker with a solid outside shot. He needs to add some strength though or else NBA big men will go to town on him.
Houston Rockets- The Rockets have no glaring needs. Yao Ming has been quite injury prone through out his career though so it wouldn't hurt to pick up a backup center. Whiteside has the most upside out of any player in the class. He is an athletic freak. His offensive game needs improvement but he could instantly step in as a defensive player.
Indiana Pacers- Of course, the Pacers pick a white guy in the 1st round. But this is still a great pick for them. Mocks have Hayward going anywhere from 4 to 23. I think after the workouts, more people will be considering him closer to that 4 pick. He has a beautiful shot and is much more athletic than most people think. Once he improves his defense, he will be a very complete player. Armon Johnson hopefully will be able to step up as a starting PG for the pacers considering they had 3 different starting PG's last season.
Los Angeles Clippers- Most of you are probably saying, "Another PF? But they just picked Griffin." This is true, but Drew Gooden and Craig Smith will both be free agents leaving no backup PF to Blake Griffin and this could also allow the Clippers to play Griffin at SF. Both of the Clips PG's are getting up in age, so picking up a PG isn't a bad idea. Scottie Reynolds needs to add some strength, and needs to learn to pass instead of keep shooting.
Los Angeles Lakers- With Shannon Brown possibly leaving via free agency Manny Harris would be a perfect replacement. Manny can play PG or SG and can fly to the basket like Brown. Deon Thompson had a dissapointing senior year for what was supposed to be a breakout season. Thompson still has some upside but I see him being no better than an end of the bench player and maybe a dleague all star.
Memphis Grizzlies- The Grizzlies have a lot of talent on their team but their weakest position is by far PG. Conley has talent but he's most likely better fit to be a backup PG. Avery Bradley had a disappointing freshmen season after being considered a top 10 recruit so it was quite surprising to see him stay in the draft. Bradleys strengths are his defense and his mid range shot but his problems are he didn't do a very good job from long range and he didn't play a lot of PG, the position he is expected to play in the NBA. Patrick Patterson is a solid player who could definitely get something out of playing behind Zach Randolph for two years or so. He reminds me a lot of Carl Landry. Has raw talent and strength with an average shot. He needs to learn to be an enforcer on the inside and throw down and ge the foul. Jordan Crawford gained his fame when he dunked over Lebron at a Nike Camp but then lived up to the hype this season when he lead Xavier to the sweet 16. He is a great scorer. He can shoot from outside or drive to the basket. He could eventually turn into a great 6th man. He is one of the haredest workers in the draft as well.
Miami Heat- One of Miami's biggest problems this season was having no PG. Mario Chalmers didn't have quite as good of a season as his freshmen year. Rafer Alston was gone after a few games. Carlos Arroyo, well he just isn't that good. Eric Bledsoe didn't get to play too much PG with John Wall in the way but he definitely showed that he has the talent and ability to be an NBA PG. He has quickness, athleticism, and a great shot. Dexter Pittman had a disappointing senior year after stepping up big time at the end of his junior year. Dexter Pittman is a big boy even though he lost 100lbs between his freshmen and junior year which shows he is a hard worker. He needs to learn to use his body to box out because he could be solid rebounder. He is good shot blocker and he can cause problems in the post on offense but has no shot what so ever. Darington Hobson is an interesting prospect. He was one of the most underrated players in the NCAA last season but didn't show up in the tournament like most expected.
Milwaukee Bucks- Michael Redd is always hurt and Jerry Stackhouse will most likely retire so Luke Babbitt could become a starter right away. He is a good shooter and a great rebounder for a wing player. He needs to gain a qucker first step to get to the basket on offense. One of his best strengths definitely is his ability to post up though and will definitely cause matchup problems. Jerome Jordan is asolid pick at the beginning of the 2nd round. He is a real 7footer and Dan Gadzuric can't be relied on again if Bogut goes down and Kurt Thomas is gone after a year or two. Robin Benzing has loads of talent but I don't see him coming over to the NBA right away but if he does, he will be an instant help off the bench for the Bucks.
Minnesota Timberwolves- The Timberwolves pick up a player at each position. Wesley Johnson steps into the starting lineup right away. He reminds me a lot of Shawn Marion but not as good of a defender. He is very athletic, has a good 3pt shot, and can post up. He has all of the tools to be an NBA all star some day. James Anderson is another player who has all of the tools to be a great player in the NBA. He is a great shooter and hustles all game. He fights for the rebounds which is rare for a guard. Solomon Alabi doesn't have a lot of talent but he is a good pick for the T-Wolves at 23. They need a legit center and he is the best one available at 23. He deosn't have much on the offensive end but he is a good shot blocker and an above average rebounder. Trevor Booker is Jason Maxiell- Undersized but tough. He can rebound, play defense, athletic and an improving offensive game. Dennis Clemente doesn't have the physical tools but he is a great shooter and is very clutch.
New Jersey Nets- New Jersey got a swift kick to the nuts when they didn't get a top 2 pick. They'll "settle" for Derrick Favors. If NJ really does get Lebron, NJ could have a bright bright future. Favors is very athletic and I agree with the Antonio McDyess comparisons. Terrico White is very athletic but needs to get a consistent shot. He can play PG or SG due to his good ball handles. I'm still suprised he came out early. He definitely could've improved into a lottery pick. Stanley Robinson is another very athletic player. He is more of a defensive specimen. He needs to add some strength though so he can post up in the NBA.
New York Knicks- Dominique Jones is unique sort of guard. instead of being athletic he is more physical. He doesn't have much of a shot but drives to the basket and picks up free throws and gets rebounds. Jarvis Varnado, in my opinion, will be the steal of the draft. He doesn't have the offensive tools yet but I think by the end of his career will be remembered as one of the best post defenders of all time. Once he improves a little more on offense, he will be an NBA starter. His athleticism is also perfect for D'Antonis offense which I think will help in improving his offensive game.
New Orleans Hornets- Epke Udoh had one good season but he proved that he has talent. He doesn't have much quickness or strength, but he has lots of defensive ability and has good handles and outside shot for a post player. Would benifit to play a few season behind David West.
Oklahoma City Thunder- Oklahoma Citys biggest flaw was exposed in the playoffs. They had no height to go against LA's. Donatas is 7ft and is still improving tons. He has a good outside shot but can post up and defend the post player. Tiny Gallon had a dissapointing freshmen season so it was surprising to see him come out. He has the raw talent and reminds me of Deandre Jordan plus a 3pt shot. Not very athletic, but he is very strong and can rebound very well. He is also a very skilled passer for a bigman. I think he definitely has the skills to one day become a solid starter. Lance Stephenson is an interesting player. He is a great scorer which the Thunder need if Harden doesn't pan out. Da'Sean Butler is a very smart player a solid defender. He could learn a lot from Sefalosha and if he heals well from his injury, he could be a major steal.
Orlando Magic- Devin Ebanks reminds of Rudy Gay but a better defender. He needs to get a more consistent 3pt shot but besides that I think he has all of the tools. Adding some strength wouldn't hurt him. Aubrey Coleman is probably best known for stomping on Chase Budingers head a year ago but what most people don't realize is that he was one of the top scorers in the NCAA last season. He won't make it in the NBA most likely though because he is too undersized to play SG and doesn't have the skills to be a PG.
Philadelphia 76ers- The 76ers got very lucky to move up to the #2 pick but there will be a backcourt glut with Evan Turner. Expect a trade after Turner is drafted. Turner is the most complete player in the draft though. He was POTY, and has every tool needed to be a superstar in the NBA. He reminds me a lot of Brandon Roy coming out of Washington. Played PG in college but needs to learn to transition to wing and moving without the ball.
Phoenix Suns- Though Steve Nash is the best player on the suns, he is getting up there in age and Dragic isn't the answer to take his spot. Vasquez brings hustle, excitement, and great basketball IQ. He's a good passer and could become a real threat learning under Steve Nash.
Portland Trail Blazers- Damion James could instantly be a big help off the bench. He is a very good rebounder for a wing player and will be able to post up other SF but needs to get a consistent 3pt shot. To sum it up, he is a stronger version of James Posey. Tommy-Mason Griffin was the most disappointing freshmen this season. He has the skills but Oklahoma could not piut it all together forcing Griffin to get out of there ASAP. Griffin is small but I think he can be a true PG if he makes better shot selections.
Sacramento Kings- Sacramento picks up the top center in the draft in Cousins and adds to their young talented team. With the frontcourt of Cousins, Hawes, Thompson, and Landry, they just need a good shooting guard which they pick up in Elliot Williams. Williams is a good shooter, though inconsisistent. He can fly to the basket and has tons of energy. His best ability though has to be his on-ball defense. Sacramento can develop into a great team with the core of Evans, Cousins, Landry, Williams, Casspi.
San Antonio Spurs- The spurs were considred championship favorites after picking up Richard Jefferson. That didn't pan out well so a SF is necessary. Quincy Pondexter is the next Gerald Wallace. Hes more of an athlete than a basketball player. He has amazing speed and explosiveness and is a committed defender. He needs more of a shot and better ball handling though. Dwayne Collins is a steal at the end of the 2nd round. He's undersized but athletic. He will have a job in the NBA though as a rebounder. He's almost as good of an offensive rebounder as he is defensive rebounder.
Toronto Raptors- With Chris Bosh most likely on his way out, they're going to need a big man. Daniel Orton didn't get too much PT at Kentucky but he showed he was a solid defender, good rebounder, and has a good offensive game.
Utah Jazz- With Carlos Boozer likely on his way out, Utah needs to pick up a replacement. Paul millsap will likely be able to step into the starting lineup but Utah probably wants a bigger PF than him. Ed Davis needs more strength but besides that has lots of skill. Hes atheltic, good rebounder, good shot blocker, and active throughout the game. Needs to develop more of an outside shot.
Washington Wizards- Though the Wiz have invested much into Gilbert Arenas, it is hard to pass on John Wall. Gilbert can transition to SG. Wall is a lot like Derrick Rose. They also pick up two good big men in Brackins and Seraphin, though I think the latter will stay overseas for a few years.

05-22-2010, 12:53 PM
Wow u had a lot of time. great job!

05-22-2010, 02:06 PM
You did a great job on this, clearly did a lot of work lol.

As for the Jazz, don't like the Davis pick, I'd rather go with Udoh even though the guys I really like are already off the board in your mock. And Luke Harangody is like Millsap, so no thanks there too.

05-22-2010, 11:37 PM
nice work

as a jazz fan I'd be really annoyed if the 2 picks I want the Jazz to decide between went in the picks immediatly before us

05-23-2010, 05:16 AM
As a warrior fan i would rather have pittman with our second round draft pick.