View Full Version : The best pg in the nba

05-08-2010, 09:30 AM
When playing basketball arguably the most important position is the point guard. The NBA has plenty of good point guards but who is the best point guard?

In my opinion here is the top 3

1.)Deron Williams-Utah-I think everyone has Williams as the best point guard he can do everything and is the only point guard that was on an all NBA team.

2.)Rajon Rondo-Boston-Rondo does everything from being a first team defender to being the Celtics biggest threat.He can pass great and score and rebound if he had a jump-shot he would be one.

3.)Chris Paul-New Orleans-I know hes been hurt but when he is playing he is incredible.Him,Rondo, and Deron Williams are ahead of all the other point guards, but Derrick Rose is very good and Brandon Jennings and Stephen Curry are going to be great as well.