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05-05-2010, 02:53 PM
Got thinking about this after reading the Calipari thread and his interest in coaching on an NBA team. Idk how many of you are familiar with William Wesley but I for one got started reading about him on truehoop. Abbott basically postulated through different articles and interviews that Wesley is the secret cog that keeps the basketball machine running. On the subject of Calipari, he and Wesley maintain a very close relationship. One of Wesley's talents is gaining the trust of young bball prep stars, prep stars who get to decide which programs to commit to. It is not a coincidence that Calipari's college teams have instantly been inundated with top tier talent. He is tight with LeBron and many other top NBA stars.

What are your impressions of this guy? Heard of him? Think he's good or bad for the sport? Personally I'm not sure I like the way in which he conducts business. However, he also doesn't seem to have a personal or monetary agenda that would lead him to take advantage of the young kids he befriends. I'm just intrigued by the thought of such a powerful figure in the sport being pretty much anonymous