View Full Version : Jan Vesely not entering the 2010 NBA Draft

04-28-2010, 07:47 PM
After very strong two seasons with coach Vujosevic, and under his high quality work, developing his skills and all-around game, Jan has garnered a great amount of attention from NBA teams. Predictions and estimations of his possible lottery position in the 2010 NBA Draft have become realistic. So, it was very important for me, and Janís coach to make right estimation what he should do in this moment of his career.

Staying one more season in BC Partizan with his coach will probably increase his stock and possible position for the 2011 NBA Draft.

"After consulting with my coach Mr. Dusan Vujosevic, my Agent and my family, who has always been very supportive of me in every decision that I have made in the past, I made the decision not to enter the 2010 NBA Draft.

I have decided to stay and play for my club BC Partizan for the next season.

Basketball is my life, something that is very important to me, and I want to continue to learn more." http://www.draftexpress.com/article/Jan-Vesely-I-Decided-Not-to-Enter-the-2010-NBA-Draft-3449

Somewhat of a questionable decision to me. The guy who have gone in the lotto.

04-29-2010, 10:09 AM
cool. he should make sure to sign a two year contract with an out clause. cba is up in a year. heck he should stay in europe and earn more money than he would earn here.

04-29-2010, 12:16 PM
He already has a contract to 2013,I think it is the reason why he decided to stay,If he felt he can't get out of it this year (which I think he did) he knows that teams would fear getting him specially after seeing Rubio staying in Spain (and he isn't Rubio )
He can develop more and be picked higher,I think that was a wise decesion

05-06-2010, 04:52 PM
Yea he is gonna be a stud