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04-07-2010, 04:24 PM
They say hindsight is 20/20.

Knowing what we know now, for instance, do you think the Grizzlies would still take Hasheem Thabeet at No. 2? And would the Clippers still take Blake Griffin with the top pick, knowing he would hurt his knee and miss the entire 2009-10 season?

Those were the questions that were posed this week as I joined my NBA.com colleagues Sekou Smith and Vince Thomas on their Hang Time Podcast. (Which, by the way, is great and should be a regular download. You can find it on iTunes.) We took turns playing the role of GM, taking into account everything that's happened since the draft, and making our picks with the advantage of hindsight.

This is how the lottery played out:

1. Clippers (Packham): Tyreke Evans
2. Grizzlies (Smith): Stephen Curry
3. Thunder (Thomas): Blake Griffin
4. Kings (Packham): Brandon Jennings
5. Wolves (Smith): Darren Collison
6. Wolves (Smith): Omri Casspi
7. Warriors (Thomas): DeJuan Blair
8. Knicks (Packham): Ricky Rubio
9. Raptors (Smith): Taj Gibson
10. Bucks (Thomas): Jonny Flynn
11. Nets (Packham): James Harden
12. Bobcats (Smith): Jonas Jerebko
13. Pacers (Thomas): Ty Lawson
14. Suns (Packham): Terrence Williams


What do you think?