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03-10-2010, 12:21 AM
Link (http://www.gastongazette.com/sports/bobcats-44572-charlotte-future.html)

Heís really interested in helping some people I know," Worthy said of Jordan. "Heís talked to myself. Heís talked to (former UNC teammate) Sam Perkins. When he gets ready to hire, he has our numbers. And Iím sure heíll call people that are interested.

"I'll never say never. I'm still in Los Angeles primarily. But the more I get back here, I would entertain the thought."

Since Worthy has recently done work for the Los Angeles Lakersí television network shows, does that mean heíd like to do the same in Charlotte?

"It wouldnít be TV," said Worthy, who was in Gastonia promoting his foundation and other charities last Friday before the Lakersí loss to the Bobcats. "It would be more front office-type stuff Ė player personnel, assistant GM (general manager), anything that he needs community-oriented. Michaelís busy, so heís not going to get out as much. So those are the type of opportunities that he might offer up."

orthy recognizes that Jordan was hardly a shoo-in to become the second African-American majority owner of a major professional sports team.

"We all know that when you step off the court, itís all business," Worthy said. "Itís not all about popularity or how much money you have. Itís the good olí boy network. You have owners that have been there for years. Itís a close-knit club, so itís not something thatís automatic. You have to prove yourself and have a good group. I think Michael learned from his past experiences and put together a good group of buyers."

Worthy said that while some in the Charlotte market had concern about whether or not Jordan would meet the deadline to buy controlling interest from original Bobcatsí owner Bob Johnson, he was confident Jordan would get the team. Even as former Houston Rockets owner George Postolos was reportedly ready to make a substantial offer and had solid financial investors behind him.

"I knew he was going to get it," Worthy said of Jordanís majority ownership pursuit. "It was just a matter of time and working out the logistics. Heís been at it awhile. A lot of times, owners donít like former players coming in because weíre associated with the union. But heís smart enough and eager to be a good owner.

"Heís already got Larry Brown, one of the best coaches in the business who can bring in players. Michael wants to win. Heís a winner. And heíll push players to have that winning attitude."

Worthy thinks the Bobcatsí pursuit of a first-ever postseason appearance this spring would be huge for the city, the market and Jordanís new regime.

"If they can make the playoffs this year, it would be a big plus and a jump-start for his ownership," Worthy said. "I think you would see more people buy into to what heís doing here."

03-10-2010, 12:40 AM
this post has nothing to do with the thread but in NBA 2k8 james worthy is cheapest player, he can shoot the three from anywhere!

anyhow, bobcats are heading in the right direction

03-10-2010, 12:46 AM
Good for the Bobcats if James Worthy on board. A multiple time NBA Champion with the Showtime Lakers, '88 finals MVP when he had a triple double in that game 7 against the Pistons of the Finals. Bring upon some championship minds on board will only help the Charlotte Bobcats organization. I as a Laker fan support Worthy.

Toenail Clipper
03-10-2010, 02:45 AM
Who would sit next to Jim Hill and who would do the Worthy Spin? :|

03-10-2010, 02:50 AM
Who would sit next to Jim Hill and who would do the Worthy Spin? :|

Byron Scott was there the other day

if not James, idk who.
I'll guess someone like Derek Fisher if he retired.
Doug Christie is on the radio a lot with the lakers