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D Roses Bulls
03-08-2010, 07:23 PM
1 (3)Magic 44-20 Could it be that this whole title chase is more up for grabs than everybody thought? The undisputed biggest threat to Cleveland in the East just dropped the mighty Lakers to 5-8 against the other five division leaders.
2 (5) Mavericks 43-21 Combined winning percentage of Dallas' next three opponents: .226. In other words? Something is really wrong if the Mavs don't tote a 14-game winning streak into next Monday's rankings. Even with Terry sidelined.
3 (2) Cavaliers 49-15 You think we're overly panicky? That's fine. The view here remains that LeBron has to be back on the floor before we can restore the Cavs to their rightful spot in the top two. No matter how minor LBJ's ailments might seem.
4 (1) Lakers 46-18 The Lakers had gone a whopping 185 games without enduring a three-game losing skid before Sunday's loss in Orlando. The new longest active streak? Denver has played a mere 30 games without a three-game skid.
5 (4) Nuggets 42-21 One reason this loss is such a biggie: K-Mart is quietly having what might be his best season, with 21 double-doubles in 55 games. His single-season best is 27 ... and he hasn't had 20 in a season since 2004-05.
6 (6) Jazz 40-22 So what does winning 21 of your past 26 games get you? Not quite enough in Utah's case. The Jazz awoke on this lovely Monday at No. 4 in the West, which would keep them in the Lakers' bracket for the playoffs.
7 (7) Suns 40-25 The Suns have been targeting these next four days off as a chance to get Nash recharged. Not that you'd say they're dragging as a team, at a tidy 14-4 since Jan. 26, with the havoc Stoudemire has been wreaking.
8 (9) Thunder 38-24 Take it as a compliment, young Mr. Durant, that you're being pestered by media gnats about your OKC future all the time now. That annoyance is yet another sign that you've crashed the game's uppermost stratosphere.
9 (8) Hawks 40-22 Legitimate question for Hawks folks: Given all the trouble your lads have had with Orlando this season, wouldn't you not-so-secretly prefer finishing with the No. 4 seed? Even if that means dealing with LeBron in Round 2?
10 (13) Celtics 40-21 The Celts will be just the third team ever to field four players with 1,000 career games when Finley makes his debut. Didn't get a sense, during my weekend in Boston, that the locals are too geeked about that distinction.
11 (14) Bucks 33-29 We still can't name him, but the advance scout who tabbed the Bucks as his surprise team of the season in the Weekend Dime isn't looking any less enlightened after the weekend. They're now 9-2 since the All-Star break.
12 (11) Spurs 36-24 One of the most optimistic things we can say about the Spurs' Parker-less plight: New Orleans is generally considered the team most likely to make a run at their playoff spot ... but CP3 is out at least two more weeks.
13 (10) Trail Blazers 37-28 We could obviously delve into the Blazers' latest injury nightmare. Or we could give them a rare break and focus on that 4-1 road trip, which made them one of only three teams to win four games on two separate trips.
14 (18) Bobcats 30-31 Funny old game, huh? Charlotte just took its record against Dallas to 0-12 lifetime ... and 7-2 against the Lakers since February 2006. Cleveland is the only other team with a winning record against L.A. in that span.
15 (20) Heat 32-31 If you're just looking at rosters, wouldn't Miami have to be the team you'd pinpoint to finish fifth in the four-team race for the bottom four playoff spots in the East? But who would dare suggest D-Wade won't find a way?
16 (17) Grizzlies 32-31 The 1-8 start when they were still trying to get used to life with Iverson is one thing. Good luck explaining/rationalizing how the Grizz have managed to lose eight straight home games ... while winning six roadies in a row.
17 (12) Bulls 31-31 It's not our style to be hyperbolic (yeah, right) but everyone sees it: Noah is the second-to-last player D-Rose's Bulls can afford to lose at a time when the fifth through ninth seeds in the East are so tightly bunched.
18 (16) Raptors 32-29 The post-Olympics euphoria is going to wear off eventually. Good thing, then, that Bosh is finally back after a seven-game absence that saw the Raps lose all their mojo under the cover of Canada winning hockey gold.
19 (15) Hornets 31-32 This is already Chris Paul's most painful season yet in terms of games lost to injury, easily topping the 18 games he lost -- mostly to a bad ankle -- in the 2006-07 season. The '09-10 Hornets are 10-15 without him.
20 (19) Rockets 31-31 All Scola has to do is keep this up -- 21.3 points and 18.0 boards over his past three games -- and Houstonians will (eventually) get over the fact that their Rockets had to surrender Landry in the Kevin Martin deal.
21 (23) 76ers 23-39 Probably not the advised path if you're angling to secure the public's support in demanding Philly: Eddie Jordan's beleaguered crew has been strangely more competitive on the road (13-20) than at home (10-19).
22 (21) Clippers 25-38 Why were the Mavs and other contenders so hopeful that the Clips would buy out Drew Gooden after facilitating the three-way deal that landed Jamison in Cleveland? Since landing in L.A., Gooden is averaging 16 and 10.
23 (22) Wizards 21-39 It's been that kind of season in the nation's capital: Gilbert Arenas has played in a mere 32 of 59 games, last suited up for the Wiz on Jan. 5 ... and still leads this not-so-pass-happy squad in total assists with 230.
24 (26) Kings 21-42 Our beloved Casspi was back in Dallas on Friday night for the last time as a rookie, while the committee [of one] was on a plane bound for Dorkapalooza. Which is the only bad thing we can say about the weekend.
25 (25) Pistons 22-41 This week's guest taunt, er, tweet comes from the Power Rankings-loving Sports Guy: "Have the Pistons supplanted the Lions as the most depressing team in Detroit? I can't believe that team was intentionally assembled."
26 (24) Pacers 20-43 Any Pacer People out there remember that 5-3 start? Or shall we rephrase the question: Any Pacer People out there prepared to raise your hands? Tough times unless you happen to be watching the new Reggie Miller doc.
27 (27) Warriors 17-45 Interesting wrinkle in what looks like a two-rook ROY race between the Dubs' Steph Curry and the Kings' Tyreke Evans: Records don't really factor in when the two teams are on pace for 23 and 31 wins, respectively
28 (28) Knicks 21-41 That groan you just heard came from New Yorkers who don't want to read or hear a word about how tough the No. X Jazz have it. Every ugly loss that the Knicks pile up only sweetens that first-round pick bound for Utah.
29 (29) Timberwolves 14-49 Hard to see our man K-Love making a real push in the Sixth Man Award race with the Wolves getting thumped anew, but it is worth noting he's tops in the league in double-doubles off the bench with a solid 14.
30 (30) Nets 7-55 Extending Memphis' home losing skid to nine would give the Nets their first back-to-back wins of the season. Which would also somehow give them four straight Ws on the road. Which is why our tone is so skeptical.


03-08-2010, 07:49 PM
Magic are # 1 eh. I actually like them under the radar. I guess beating Cleveland and LA puts them at top. Even if it's just for this week.

03-08-2010, 07:50 PM
Don't think we needed this, but it's good to see that Dwight and his Magic are getting recognition though (Dwight's #2 in R2MVP [before the Lakers game]).

03-08-2010, 07:59 PM
wow im surprised to see the Bucks at number 11. They have been playing very well as of late.... the salmons trade is looking better and better by every win