View Full Version : Just Thoughts On A Couple of NBA Subjects

03-02-2010, 05:29 AM
More than Halfway through the regular season I just had some things I would like to share with my fellow NBA fans. Allen Iverson career seems to be winding down and as great as it was to see "The Answer" back in a sixers uniform it was short lived and riddled with injuries and other setbacks (I still wonderd how come he didnt end up on the Knicks or reunited with Larry Brown in Charlotte at the time in dire need of a big time scorer) I asked myself how would I remember #3 and first thing that popped in my mind was that he was one of the toughest players ever to play again, this would be evident in the Finals vs the Lakers where he took a rag tag bunch of players vs the Lakers and in one game hitting a huge shot and taking one huge step over Tyronn Lue; but also I will remember Allen Iverson for his all to famous "Talking about practice" speech.

Im still curious how the Cleveland Cavaliers are working all those egos into one locker room Shaq Lebron Mo Williams and the crazy Delonte West, dont get me wrong they are a great team and have a great shot at winning the title but its scary how this group blows other teams out of the water, but will the pressure of winning a title for the sole purpose to keep LeBron in a Cavs uniform be too much strain on a team to actually accomplish that goal?

The walking wounded AKA the Boston Celtics: Kevin Garnett a mere shell of a the player he used to be has been reduced to a cheerleader that will yell explitives at you on the sideline; Paul Pierce its a bit funny how big of a ego he has calling himself the greatest shooter of all time and dunks on a Chris Bosh while kneeing him in the nether region; Ray Allen subjected to trade rumors all seaosn but he the 2nd best player next to Mr. Rajon Rondo who in 2 years time might be playing for a below 500 team; Also sorry Glen Davis your not changing your nickname from Big Baby to UnoUno maybe you should change it to Pizza Pizza.

Greg Oden: Injured again and Nude Photos come on man!!!

LeBron will be the MVP of the league again in a landslide basically snubbing out Kevin Durant (2nd this has happened with LeBron winning the ROY over Carmelo)

With the Cavs to come short vs The Orlando Magic pitting the Magic vs The Lakers once again and Lakers get a back to back.. Stern gets his wish which is getting LeBron out of Cleveland and into a big market (Noticed how I didnt say NY) and something crazy besides LeBron leaving will happen like one team signs all the best players to minimum contracts because that is what majority of the fans believe... so stop believing The Lakers will sign D Wade or LeBron or anything like that because it wont happen....

In Closing read Bill Simmons Book its a great read and will give you a whole new perspective on basketball.