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02-27-2010, 05:27 PM
This season we did a mock trade deadline in which users on this site took over as GM's of every team in the NBA. The goal was to improve your team the most before the real life trade deadline. The users then voted on playoff seedings of the other conference, and now its up to you to vote for who wins each matchup.

Please remember that this is just a game and there is no reason to vote for a team just because thats actually your favorite team in real life. Everybody worked really hard on their teams and it's only fair that you judge each team based on that teams talent, not that teams name.

At the bottom each team has sent in a write up explaining why they feel they would win the series. Please read each writeup before you make your decision, to be fair to the GM's who wrote it.

Orlando has the homecourt advantage due to being the higher seed.

Orlando Magic:

PG: Rajon Rondo - T.J Ford - Jason Williams - Anthony Johnson
SG: Michael Pietrus - Tony Allen
SF: Paul Pierce - Kyle Korver
PF: Dirk Nowitzki - Ryan Anderson - Etan Thomas
C: Marcus Camby - Etan Thomas - Adonal Foyle

Chicago Bulls:

PG: Devin Harris - Carlos Arroyo - Anthony Carter
SG: Joe Johnson - DeShawn Stevenson - Daequan Cook - Derrick Byars
SF: Marvin Williams - Mike Miller - Ime Udoka
PF: David Lee - Kenny Thomas
CT: Jermaine O'Neal - Fabricio Oberto - Chris Richard

Orlando Magic Writeup:
I wanted to start this off by addressing some comments made by my team, which stated that my bench was awful.

T.J Ford - He's put up very good numbers in a splitting starting time type role with the Pacers. He's one of the better backup point guards in the league at this point and someone who can without a doubt run an offense.

Tony Allen - He's a versatile player who brings experience off the bench. He's put up 7/3/2 type numbers this season along with a very solid 50 FG %. He's not the flashy player that fans want, but he works hard.

Kyle Korver - I understand he's not the greatest defensive player, but he sure can shoot the ball. He will be able to spread the floor and brings shooting off a normal bench. Korver has lost time with the Jazz this season, but he will be able to perform up to his normal standards with more minutes.

Ryan Anderson - He's super underrated and can spread the defense around. He's able to shoot the three and has a very solid mid range jumper. He was a small part of the Carter trade, but ended up as one of the main bench parts for the Magic. He's put up 9/4 type numbers with good shooting numbers.

Etan Thomas - I understand he doesn't have a huge name, but he brings that high energy off the bench. He brings defense and solid numbers with 4/3 numbers. When he had a larger role with the Wizards when Brendan Haywood went down with an injury he produced 6/6 type numbers.

Point Guard - Rajon Rondo vs Devin Harris

Rajon Rondo is an awesome defensive point guard, which helps when playing a very good scorer in Harris. Harris has had a down year, but he still is one of the best scorers in the nba. This is one part of the matchup that I love since Harris isn't known to play the best of defense and Rondo is known to be one of the best defenders in the NBA. I see Rondo on top because of that and he's risen to be one of the best in the NBA.

Shooting Guard - Michael Pietrus vs Joe Johnson

It's clear that Joe Johnson has more talent, but at the same time Pietrus is long enough and good enough at defense where he can atleast stay with Johnson. Pietrus has been known to be able to do many different things given his size, which will help a lot in this matchup.

Small Forward - Paul Pierce - Marvin Williams

It's clear that Williams will have trouble with Pierce defensively and Pierce is one of the best small forwards in the NBA. Pierce is that number one option who you can throw the ball to with 15 seconds left and have him hit a clutch shot. Pierce not only can score, but he plays quite good defense.

Power Forward - Dirk vs David Lee

I love this matchup for me as Dirk is one of the best offensive players in the NBA. I can't see David Lee being able to guard someone like Dirk when he isnt a very good defender. Dirk is also a number one option who can hit that clutch shot at the end of the game

Center - Marcus Camby vs Jermaine O'Neal

Marcus Camby is known to be a very good defender who will bring 12-13 RPG to the table. He's the perfect type of center next to someone like Dirk who likes to move around a whole lot. Camby also has an underrated passing game which allows his wings to hit open shots on the outside.

Chicago Bulls Writeup:
Congrats to the Magic, they've built a great team. Please, before you vote, read the write-ups. We feel that we have a great coaching strategy and match-ups to win this series. For example, we're going to put Joe Johnson on Paul Pierce defensively and how we don't think Lee's poor defense will come into play this series against a perimeter shooter. Thanks.

PG: Devin Harris vs. Rajon Rondo - There's no denying Rondo is a very good PG. Rondo's greatest strength is his speed, which we feel Harris can negate due to his own speed. Rondo is a great rebounder, but that likely wouldn't mean much in a series that's dominated by great rebounders in Camby and David Lee. Like we said last round, with actual scorers and talent around him, we feel that Devin Harris is back to his All-Star level when he made the team last season.

SG: Joe Johnson vs. Michael Pietrus - This is where we have our biggest advantage. Pietrus is good off the bench, but starting is not his strong-suit. He's a good defender, but JJ is an even better scorer. JJ is an All-Star, who'll shine bright in this match-up.

SF: Marvin Williams vs. Paul Pierce - I'm not going to try and say Pierce isn't a great player, he is but we feel that we have a way to slow him down. We'll throw Joe Johnson on him to start the game with Marvin Williams on Pietrus. JJ is a very good defender, who can minimize Pierce's effectiveness.

PF: David Lee vs. Dirk Nowitzki - Lee has burst onto the scene this season and finally made the All-Star team with his excellent play. You normally would say defense is Lee's biggest weakness. While that's true, we believe Lee matches up well with Dirk. Lee is a poor defender, against post scorers. Against a guy whose more perimter-oriented, we feel that Lee's poor defense will not be a factor. He can keep a perimeter scorer in check. Offensively, Lee will give the same problems to the possibly even worse defender in Dirk. He's just as allergic to defense, and Lee can bully his way to getting all the loose boards and easy put-back points.

CT: Jermaine O'Neal vs. Marcus Camby - This is the battle of the aging big men. They're both still useful though. Camby can grab boards like no other, and Jermaine is still a really solid defender. He's just as long as Camby, so Camby won't have that to his advantage and JO is strong so he can bully his way into the paint and keep Camby out of it on the offensive side.

6th: Mike Miller vs. Kyle Korver - Again, two similar players. They are both primarily three point shooters who shoot a high percentage. Where we feel we have a huge advantage is Mike Miller's other skill-sets. He's an excellent rebounder (for a swingman) and a very good playmaker as well. He's averaging 6 RPG and 3.5 APG compared to Korver's 1.5 RPG and 1.5 APG.

The rest of the bench: Carlos Arroyo, DeShawn Stevenson, Kenny Thomas and Fabricio Oberto vs. TJ Ford, Tony Allen, Ryan Anderson and Etan Thomas - We feel as if this is a wash here. Arroyo vs. Ford, Stevenson vs. Allen, Thomas vs. Anderson and Oberto vs Thomas. There are small advantages at each position but the sum is probably even.

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Can you remove the code tags from my write-up? :p

Also, I don't have D-Rose, Westbrook.

02-27-2010, 05:29 PM
Goodluck KHinrich

02-27-2010, 05:29 PM
Can you remove the code tags from my write-up? :p

Also, I don't have D-Rose, Westbrook.

I'm so use to people not moving Rose..Epic fail by me :o

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Wow the Bulls look really good in this series for some reason, I'll take the Magic but it'll be a 6-7 game series

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Nice job Bulls but Magic win this in 6.

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We need more votes!