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02-26-2010, 01:36 AM
This season we did a mock trade deadline in which users on this site took over as GM's of every team in the NBA. The goal was to improve your team the most before the real life trade deadline. The users then voted on playoff seedings of the other conference, and now its up to you to vote for who wins each matchup.

Please remember that this is just a game and there is no reason to vote for a team just because thats actually your favorite team in real life. Everybody worked really hard on their teams and it's only fair that you judge each team based on that teams talent, not that teams name.

At the bottom each team has sent in a write up explaining why they feel they would win the series. Please read each writeup before you make your decision, to be fair to the GM's who wrote it.

Chicago has the homecourt advantage due to being the higher seed.

Chicago Bulls Lineup:

PG: Devin Harris - Carlos Arroyo - Anthony Carter
SG: Joe Johnson - DeShawn Stevenson - Daequan Cook - Derrick Byars
SF: Marvin Williams - Mike Miller - Ime Udoka
PF: David Lee - Kenny Thomas
CT: Jermaine O'Neal - Fabricio Oberto - Chris Richard

Atlanta Hawks Lineup:

Chris Paul/Jeff Teague
Jamal Crawford/Mario West
Josh Howard/Maurice Evans
Boris Diaw/Joe Smith
Al Horford/Zaza Pachulia

Chicago Bulls Writeup:PG: [b]Devin Harris vs. Chris Paul - There's no denying that Chris Paul is either the best, or second best PG in the league. However, Devin Harris is no slouch either. Devin is one of the quickest PGs in the league, and just last year, was an All-Star. Now that Devin has actual talent around him on this team, we believe Devin is back to being a top of the line PG.

SG: Joe Johnson vs. Jamal Crawford - Jamal is a good scorer, but not much else. There's a reason why Joe Johnson was starting in front of him before they traded him to me. JJ is a stud, and very underrated. He's an All-Star, a great scorer, defender and just a very good overall player. This is a huge advantage to us.

SF: Marvin Williams vs. Josh Howard - We feel we have the advantage here. Howard has shown promise in the past, but what he's shown more recently are character issues. He's a knucklehead, to simply put it. Marvin is here to defend, knock down the open shots and just fill his role. We don't need him to score 20+ PPG, but just be the good role player that he is.

PF: David Lee vs. Boris Diaw - Again, Diaw is a nice player but David Lee is now an All-Star. He's still a very underrated player, but now he's starting to get the recognition he deserves. He's here to grab rebounds, get the easy put back baskets/dunks and now that he's back at his natural position, we feel he'll be even better. He's a great passer, which is an extra for a big man. Again, big advantage to us.

CT: Jermaine O'Neal vs. Al Horford - Al Horford is good. Many would say he's playing out of position though. He made the All-Star team this year, but a lot of people said that he was the least deserving of those who made it. Jermaine has bounced back nicely in the last few years. He's averaging 13/7.5/1.5. That's what we need from JO. He's still a good defender, will get rebounds and block shots. We feel that he's big enough to keep Al Horford in check.

6th: Mike Miller vs. Andres Nocioni - Nocioni has stunk this year. He's averaging 8.5 PPG and 3 RPG in 20 MPG. That's not even his worst facet, his defense is abysmal. Kings fans got their wish when they traded him and his albatross of a contract away. Mike Miller is a GREAT 6th man. He brings something to our team that it's lacking in, three point shooting. He's shooting 56% from 3 and has won 6th man of the year before and we think he can do it again.

The rest of our bench is great as well. Carlos Arroyo, DeShawn Stevenson, Daequan Cook, Ime Udoka, Kenny Thomas and Fabricio Oberto (along with Mike Miller) make up our bench which we feel very strongly about.

Overall: We think we are a better, more balanced team than the Hawks. We'd like to congratulate them for making the playoffs but we simply feel that we have a great mix of everything. We have defense, leadership, scoring, youth, veterans, you name it and we've got it.

*Atlanta did not have an updated clubhouse so I had to guess their lineup*

Atlanta did not send in a writeup.

02-26-2010, 01:50 AM
Bulls got this in 5

02-26-2010, 01:52 AM
Interesting... Trade away Noah, Rose and Deng and the Bulls still have a pretty solid team.

PS: David Lee is kinda overrated. His D stinks and his assists totals are inflated. Still better than Diaw (Excluding the year he played amazing with Nash).

02-26-2010, 02:36 AM

02-26-2010, 04:07 PM
"The rest of our bench is great as well. Carlos Arroyo, DeShawn Stevenson, Daequan Cook, Ime Udoka, Kenny Thomas and Fabricio Oberto (along with Mike Miller) make up our bench which we feel very strongly about."

It's crazy one of these teams advances and one of the Lakers/Spurs series will be out.

02-26-2010, 04:27 PM
This one is easy, Bulls in 4-5.

Chris Paul is either the #1 or #2 PG in the league today but his options on that team aren't impressive.

The bench battle is clearly in the Bulls favor with Miller, Arroyo and Stevenson of note out there.

Other than Chris Paul having the edge over Devin Harris, the Hawks don't have anything going for them in this series that can be game breaking. Bulls take it.