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02-25-2010, 03:22 PM
The spending spree almost certainly will take place as scheduled. Only now, players are suggesting that the years of anticipation, hype, analysis and trade talk will end with many of the biggest names staying exactly where they are.

Maybe the players think that because they're better able to survey the landscape this close to the July 1 start date for free agency. Maybe -- and let's not be na´ve here -- it's because talking about wanting to put down permanent roots is the proper negotiating tactic and a smart way to keep hometown fans on their side. All very possible.

But no less an expert than Chris Bosh of the Raptors, one of the marquee names about four months away from hitting the market, said, "It can go either way. I think there's going to be a shift anyway because there's a lot of free agents in 2010. But the main guys that everybody talks about, I think it's a very strong possibility. When it comes down to it, that's where you're comfortable, that's where you're from. Well, technically. It's where you started your career. It's always a very important thing."

A very strong possibility exists that few will change addresses.

"Yeah, I think so," Bosh said. "Everybody's making so much hoopla about the whole thing and it probably won't even be that good. It's like a bad movie. You know what I mean? Everybody's, 'Oh, this is coming out, it's coming out.' And then it finally comes out and it's not what you thought it was."

A lot of crazy articles are always coming out talking about 2010 FA, and fans are going non-stop about where they think everyone will go, so i thought i post this article to perhaps change the perspective a little bit.

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Sounds likely.

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I dont know what he can possibly be talking about:shrug:

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this same exact article and thread were posted a few days ago you may want to go back and look for it for more info...

02-25-2010, 04:09 PM
hahaha yes Bosh, you tell them that no one's going to be moving! A movie that is a perfect reference to that is Public Ennemies (i'm sure there's alot more movies, but that's the first one i can think of)

02-25-2010, 04:14 PM
this same exact article and thread were posted a few days ago you may want to go back and look for it for more info...