View Full Version : Which Franchises are Known to Have Frequent Trades With Each Other

02-18-2010, 05:48 PM
I always notice 2 particular franchises always trading with each other almost every trade deadline or during the summer.

Who have you noticed are 2 franchises that trade with each other very very often.

I would say Rockets-Kings (Artest last yr, T-Mac this yr-even though he ended up in NY)

Rockets-Grizzlies (all those trades for Kyle Lowry, Shane Battier, Stromile Swift, etc. etc.)

Lakers-Grizzlies (the Pau trade, and then, the dumping of Chris Mihm's salary last yr)

Pacers-Hawks (Al Harrington was trade twice in his career going from atlanta, to indiana, back to atlanta, back to indiana. Stephen Jackson etc. etc.)