View Full Version : MVP: what makes and MVP?

igPay atinLay
02-12-2010, 05:26 PM
Reading the latest Lebron/Kobe..errr...I mean MVP thread and seeing the debate got me thinking.

MVP is a little bit subjective so I would like to know what all you think makes an MVP. Thanks for your additions and for not being well we know how some people can be.

I'll start with mine.

First a team needs to make the playoffs to be considered an MVP in my opinion. The MVP needs to be an allstar to elite level performer and not necessarily the best player in the game, to me MVP is a team award and not just individual. An MVP is the guy that is more important to his playoff team than any other player. When I think of an MVP candidate I think if you take these guys off their team what will happen. If your role on winning games, putting up stats, and making your teammates better is greater than anyone else than you are the MVP.

That's what I think. And once again thanks in advance for staying on topic and being respectful to each other.