View Full Version : Elite Players Biggest Weaknesses

02-11-2010, 11:00 AM
What are the weaknesses of some of the Elite players in the league today?

Iíll start with arguably the best LeBron James. His free throw shooting and his jump shooting all together. His ability to drive and draw the foul almost on command is tremendous but he doesnít capitalize on those free throws. His jumpers are coming along and it seems as though he is improving in some facet of his game in every season since entering the league (scary). That being said if you leave LeBron on the Perimeter he is going to KILL you. If you guys got any more on LeBron feel free to post them.

Note: this is not a thread to bash any one player or individual. I am just curios as to what some PSD posters think of some of the better players in the league and what they can do to get even better.