View Full Version : No offense

02-08-2010, 12:31 PM
This team continue to not score any goals. This is very frustrating. I still think our best hope to get any better is to retool and be sellers at the deadline. Right now would be the perfect time to trade Vokoun. We could get a solid package of young players and picks back for sure. I would think the best fit would be with the Flyers. possiable a package of Giroux + picks and specs altought the Flyers don't have any first rounders. Another fit could be the Hawks, Wings, Habs. I feel Markstrom is the goalie of the future for us and we need impact offensive players. We could possiable bring Olli back in the offseason. I really don't care what needs to be done for this team to get more offense but just do it Sexton.