View Full Version : Does the league need to adjust salary cap rules for buy-outs of draft picks

02-04-2010, 10:51 PM
This past season saw one of the more exciting young point guardw drafted in the NBA, play in a league outside of the NBA (Ricky Rubio). The reason? Because his European team was paying him more than the NBA allowed his team to pay him and buy-rules also disallowed the T-Wolves from buying him out.

Tiago Splitttner is also a young player (drafted by the Spurs several year ago) who is suposed to be an excellent player with a high roof that has yet to make his NBA debut, despite being drafted in 07, for the same reason Rubio has missed this season.

The Orlando Magic ended up wasting a draft pick in 05 while trying to build around Dwight Howard because their draft pick (Fran Vasquez) opted for a contract that was bigger than what Orlando was allowed to pay him.

With young talented players like Brandon Jennings opting to play for pay in Europe rather than risking injury playing for free in college (for schools who makes tons of money off of their athletic programs) because the NBA won't allow them to enter the draft, these young talents may also end up staying in Europe longer if they are offered more money there. And with European players already opting to stay overseas for cash, the league may find that more and more talented players opt to stay in Europe for the early part of their careers in order to make the money their talent commands, diluting the talent pool in the NBA and making it hard for teams like the T-Wolves to get better through the draft since their picks may opt not to even enter the league during the entirety of what woudl be their rookie contract.

Salary cap rules will only allow teams to pay a certain amount of money to buy out a conract (depending on what number the player is picked at) and the league is losing out on talent because of it.

So should the NBA start allowing teams to pay what is needed to buy out contracts of players who enter the draft under contract with a team outside of the NBA? Or should they allow Europe to swallow up some of this talent, or perhaps make a rule that players who enter the draft are not allowed to be under contract.

I think they should losen up the salary cap rules and allow teams to buy out contracts. It may not be much of an issue right now, but there is a trend developing that could snow ball if more talent like Jennings start to skip college to play for pay.