View Full Version : Underdog teams in the Western Conference

Sadds The Gr8
02-02-2010, 05:35 PM
Just wondering which one of the underdog teams would you guys like to see in the playoffs in the western conference this year, and do you guys think any of these teams can make any noise in the playoffs?

For me, I would pick the Memphis Grizzlies because they are more balanced than the other two teams, and any one of their starters can have a 20+ point game. They also have two very good big men in Gasol and Randolph who can be hard to handle. Their only problem is their horrible bench, but they have enough fire power to overcome that.

As much as I like KD, I think OKC would struggle because they have NO Centre and a undersized PF and they would get abused inside. Also Jeff Green and Westbrook are pretty inconsistent.

02-02-2010, 05:52 PM
If I'm the Lakers, I don't really fear any 8th seeded team. But, I gotta think they want no part of Memphis...and NO not because they lost last night. But because they have
" Potential " options at almost every position. I mean Mayo is not Kobe. But he is extremely athletic, and active, and will make Kobe work on defense, which in the past has affected Kobe's offense. And Marc may not be Pau, but Marc is extremely big, and offensively gifted. And we all know that IF A.Bynum is not getting his touches on offense, he seems to disappear on defense and rebounding. And really, can we ALL agree that maybe Zach Randolph is the comeback player of the year ? Yes he is a stiff on defense. But he has a mean streak that will make the already soft, and non-physical Pau Gasol run for the Hills.

So I think the Lakers would rather avoid them. And I KNOW David Stern would LOVE to see OKC Vs L.A. I mean national TV,,Kobe Vs the " Next " young Superstar in Durant.
That would put a smile on Sterny's cheeks :-)