View Full Version : Ladies and Gentlemen: We have an all-star!

I Am Awesome-O
01-28-2010, 03:29 AM
Zach Randolph will be named an All-Star reserve for the Western Conference, according to sources with knowledge of the voting.

Congratulations Z-Bo. Seriously, you completely earned this.

I was utterly against the Randolph trade when we made it this summer. All I had ever heard about Zach was that he was a cancer, a black hole, that he put up good numbers on bad teams, etc. And to an extent, these labels were true.

But Z-Bo has made a complete 360 turnaround this year. He has really matured as a player and a person, became totally unselfish (how many threes has he taken this year? 3?), became our leader, and turned this franchise around with him. He's putting up 20/10 on a WINNING team now.

I'm so proud of Zach and I wish I could congratulate him in person. He has totally changed this franchise. Also, congrats to the voters who didn't let biases against the Grizzlies and their hatred of the Gasol trade get in the way of their votes.

It's good to be a Grizz fan right now. Now please, get some bench help Heisley and Wallace so none of these awe-inspiring starters (specifically Zach) get injured!

Deezy 24
01-28-2010, 01:53 PM
Oh man i was telling everyone he has a chance to be an all star this past week but i didnt think the coaches would give him the respect but they did. wow this is great and it is a good time to be a Grizz fan but the feelin is even better when people like you awesome and me and mzgrizz and others have battled through the past 3 losing seasons and now our team has found winning again. This is my new account BTW.

01-29-2010, 01:18 AM
Yessirree,guys!!!! We have a genuine All Star in Z -Bo !!!!!! Likewise, I'd love to tell him how much we fans appreciate his hard work.......so Z-Bo , if you check in here.....
We love you, man!!!!!!!!!!!