View Full Version : All Star Starters: Crisis Avoided, but should the NBA adopt the NFL's approach?

01-22-2010, 03:03 AM
Ok, so McGrady didn't make the All-star team, but fans still seem to think the game should be about what they want and David Stern seems to be in agreement. So what should be done.

In the NFL the Pro-Bowl happens after the season. Should the league consider doing the same, allowing the entire season to determine who makes the team? Or perhaps both. A mid-season game that the fans select, and a post-season summer game where the league/coaches/players/media select an All-East first and second team and an All-West first and second team to play a game during the summer to give the fans something to watch in the early offseason, perhaps before the draft or tied in with the draft to make a big weekend.