View Full Version : Making the All star team ???

01-16-2010, 11:50 PM
As a general NBA fan I am a really getting confused here on how the player makes the team. So I need your help on this one guys. Inorder a nba player to make the all star team what is need to make that possible is it the teams overall record or that the player is putting all star numbers which one would help him the most of making the all star team or is it a combination of both i know this might seams to be a stupid thread but am kinda lost when a player makes it to the all star game isnt that suppose to be based on him putting all star stats instead of a team overall record. I know that player contibutes on how the team play but its not all about him its a team sport so. You really cant make the all star team based on your teams record ( you may disagree on me on this one). I need ur help any thoughts ???