View Full Version : HUGE 8-player-deal. Need opinions.

01-13-2010, 08:28 AM
hey guys,

Should I do this deal:

I give:
Al Jefferson
Joe Johnson
Ron Artest
Jameer Nelson

I get:
Russell Westbrook
Joakim Noah
Rudy Gay
OJ Mayo

I am in ESPN 10-team-league, roto with standard 8 cats.
It is a three year keeper league, my team had a very poor start because of some injuries, but is slowly gaining ground. This is my team:

PG Steve Nash
SG Joe Johnson
SF Ron Artest
PF Tim Duncan
C Andrew Bynum
G Jameer Nelson
F Kevin Love
UTL Al Jefferson
UTL Al Harrington
UTL Randy Foye

B Martell Webster
B Chris Douglas-Roberts
B Roy Hibbert

Player usage is not limited to 82 games per position as usual but to 900 games overall. That means that means that I can use 80 games out of my bench players over the season.

I think that deal would help me in STL, PTS and FT%, three cats that I am low in the rankings atm. I don't really see a downside besides giving up the two best players. But Noah and Gay are better keeper options than JJ and Al in my opinion because we had an auction draft and the would eat much less into my budget.

I'm thankful for your opinions.

01-14-2010, 01:03 PM
I would jump all over that