View Full Version : Pirates and Ryan Church Reach Agreement

01-11-2010, 08:56 PM
The Pirates and free-agent outfielder Ryan Church have agreed to terms on a contract, pending a physical to be taken later this week, multiple sources confirmed tonight.

Those sources cautioned that the physical will be important, given that Church was troubled much of last season by back issues. No contract is official until it is signed, and that will not happen until after the physical.

No details were available on the contract terms.

LINK (http://community.post-gazette.com/blogs/pbc/archive/2010/01/11/pirates-church-agree-to-terms.aspx)

Jimmy Shine
01-11-2010, 09:53 PM
No one better tell me that dreams dont come true!

01-12-2010, 10:01 AM
Seems like a good signing to me. He looks like he can be a good 4th outfielder and start if necessary. My only question is what does this do to the bench.

C: Jaramillo
IF: Crosby, Vazquez, Pearce
OF: Church, Young, Moss, Raynor

There are 8 names there and 5 bench spots. I think it is safe to assume Jaramillo, Crosby and Church will each get a spot. And Pearce has an option left so its quite likely he won't be on the bench. So that leaves Vazquez, Young, Moss and Raynor for two spots. Who gets left out?

This is how I would like to see the bench, it follows how I think a bench should be made up:
C: Jaramillo
IF: Crosby
OF: Church
OF: Young
OF: Raynor

IMO a bench should look like this:
C: defensive-minded: Jaramillo
IF: defensive-minded and versatile: Crosby
OF: little bit of pop: Church
OF: speedy and defesnive: Raynor
U: proffesional pinch-hitter, versatile: Young

If Raynor shows he isnt ready to fill a bench spot then I would prefer it to go to Moss. He has some power potential but at the very least is pretty good defensively.

SO how does everyone else see the bench shaping out? By the way I am assuming Clement wins the 1st base job. I know it is not a guarantee but I think they will give him every chance.