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01-07-2010, 03:58 PM
Lets say you are a NBA Gm, what kind of program would implement for your franchise in order to develop your young players. Due to the way the game is there are only 5 players at once on the floor during a game at any given time for one team. And teams are only allowed 12 active players, so minutes are hard to find for most young players. Starters usually average around 36 minutes give or take and rest of the rotation players get around 12 minutes give or take.There are young players who have the tools to start for some teams, but not necessarily the skills. For example LeBron James even though just out of high school already had the body for the NBA. Sure practice scrimmages, drills, and hitting the gym play a role in becoming a great player, but actual game experience is important too. Most young players are buried on the bench for years and are never allowed to developed. Of course there is immense pressure from fans and owners to win, but by giving into the pressure to win now, I think you are ruining your chances of winning in the future. My favorite team is the Nets, if we got John Wall I would let him spend a year in the D-league. Then put him in the rotation the second year, and finally in his third year let him start. But of course this would never happen in reality. =]

01-07-2010, 04:14 PM
Yea the D-League is underutilized, contending teams that draft youngsters should send their rookies regardless of how well they are because they can get more competitive reps in with their offensive system.

I think thats how it works, like do the DFenders run the triangle? They should, well maybe not the Lakers cuz they are set, but other teams. Like a few years back the Rockets were signing their league players to play for them in stretches, the player may not be all that great but because they were so familiar with the offense/defense they served a purpose that a superior player may not have been able to fill in such short time.

Did the Blazers even send JB to the D-League instead of wasting away on the bench?