View Full Version : Two important NBA dates: Jan 5th and Jan 10th

01-02-2010, 12:59 PM
There are a handful of key dates every season for player movement in the NBA and two of them come early in the new year. Teams can start signing players to 10-day contracts on Tuesday, while players possessing non-guaranteed contracts will see those contracts become guaranteed if they survive with their current teams through Jan. 10.

The latter stipulation, though, means that the following 20 players -- including a certain Allen Iverson in Philly -- actually only have to make it through Wednesday, which is the last day teams can release players with non-guaranteed deals in time for them to clear waivers.

That's because the 48-hour waiver period has been moved up from Jan. 8 to Jan. 6 this season because Jan. 10 falls on a Sunday, which is a non-business day in the NBA.
Othello Hunter (Atlanta) $736,420
Stephen Graham (Charlotte) $884,881
Darnell Jackson (Cleveland) $736,420
Coby Karl (Cleveland) $736,420
Jawad Williams (Cleveland) $736,420
Joey Graham (Denver) $884,881
Chucky Atkins (Detroit) $1,306,455
Chris Hunter (Golden State) $632,455
Mike Harris (Houston) $489,503
Carlos Arroyo (Miami) $1,107,572
Jonathan Bender (New York) $801,361
Marcus Landry (New York) $457,588
Allen Iverson (Philadelphia) $1,022,109
Jarron Collins (Phoenix) $1,181,803
Patrick Mills (Portland) $457,588
Shavlik Randolph (Portland) $551,749
Ime Udoka (Sacramento) $984,714 $825,497
Wesley Matthews (Utah) $457,588
Earl Boykins (Washington) $1,191,180
Dominic McGuire (Washington) $825,497

There are five other players with partially guaranteed contracts that become fully guaranteed this month: Drew Gooden (Dallas), $1.9 million of his $4.5 million salary was guaranteed coming into the season. Anthony Morrow (Golden State), $300,000 of his $736,420 salary was guaranteed coming into the season. A.J. Price (Indiana), $300,000 of his $457,588 salary was guaranteed coming into the season. Marcus Williams (Memphis), $500,000 of his $855,189 salary was guaranteed coming into the season. Taylor Griffin (Phoenix), $250,000 of his $457,588 salary was guaranteed coming into the season.

Four players with non-guaranteed contracts have already been waived this season: Miami's Shavlik Randolph, Oklahoma City's Mike Wilks, Phoenix's Jason Hart and Portland's Anthony Tolliver. Randolph was then signed by the Blazers on Dec. 30; Hart was released by the Suns after they acquired him Tuesday from Minnesota in a trade for Alando Tucker, cash and a conditional future second-round draft pick.

Kareem Rush of the Los Angeles Clippers, meanwhile, also had a non-guaranteed contract coming into the season, but the season-ending knee injury he suffered in early mid-November means Rush will receive his full $1,107,572 salary even if the Clips decide they need his roster spot and elect to waive him.

Four other players had partially guaranteed deals that, as stipulated in their contracts, became fully guaranteed in December: Boston's Lester Hudson ($150,000 of his $457,588 salary was guaranteed); Cleveland's Danny Green ($140,000 of his $457,588 salary was guaranteed); Indiana's Luther Head ($250,000 of his $884,861 salary was guaranteed); and San Antonio's Malik Hairston ($50,000 of his $736,420 salary was guaranteed).espn (http://espn.go.com/nba/dailydime/_/page/dime-100101-02/weekend-dime-best-worst-decades-five)