View Full Version : Now Bay Wants 6

Jimmy Shine
12-16-2009, 03:13 PM
First, this isnt aimed at any of you, at least not intentionally...

At the time of the Bay to Boston trade, I was on the Trib Board, and so many there argued we didnt have to move him at all because hedve happily taken a hometown discount when he became a free agent.

Do recent events finally shine a light on how silly this was?

This guy is as greedy as any of them, salivates just as much at the prospect of squeezing every last drop out of his first, and probably last, big FA payday. And maybe I cant blame him, maybe this is the right time to be greedy.

But greedy is one thing and greedy/nuts is another. The Mets raised their offer to 5/75, approximately, and now he wants 6 years. The guy is walking around like Chester on Gunsmoke and hes waiting for 6 years.

I always liked Jason, but if he overplays his hand here and gets screwed it wouldnt bother me at all.