View Full Version : Knicks fans are crazy

11-27-2009, 12:49 PM
Do you Knicks fans actually think that Lbj would join your awful mess of a team? C mon I know nyers are arrogant but I never new you were all so naive in your thought process. Do you remember in 2003 when Lbj was drafted and you all chanted over rated? Yes that was you, LeBron remembers that,. I am friends with 1 of the 4 horseman , he lives nearby, he laughs at the thought of Lbj as a knick. You need a coach who knows something about defense, stop trying to lay claim to every star on the market, if you could draft you would be more successful. You cant buy a title in basketball, this isnt the mlb, which is a joke., why dont you all try a novel approach if you want success, draft correctly, stop hiring lousy coaches, and build your own franchise for once instead of trying to steal everyones players. Im so tired of hearing nyers cry.......... because they have no star talent, try drafting correctly and you wouldnt be such a crappy team year after year