View Full Version : Im currently in 7th place in my ESPN Roto League.

11-26-2009, 08:50 PM
As the title proclaims, I'm currently in 7th place in an ESPN Roto League,

There are only 10 people in our league,

My Team looks like this:

PG - Devin Harris
SG - Andre Iguodala
SF - Danny Granger
PF - LaMarcus Aldridge
C - Tim Duncan
G - J.R Smith
F - Josh Smith
Util - Rasheed Wallace
Util - Jose Calderon
Util - Charle Villanueva

Bench - Tracy McGrady
Bench - Lamar Odom
Bench - Andris Biedrins

My Standings in each category are [10/10 = best; 1/10 = worst] :

FG% 4/10
FT% 1/10
3pm 3/10
Reb 8/10
Ast 4/10
Stl 4.5/10
Blk 10/10
Pts 4/10

Im willing to trade anyone but I'm focused on moving Josh Smith because I am leading in blocks but, doing so bad in FT% and he's a main cause. What do you think i can do to help my team in [FG,FT,3pm,Ast,Pts] without destroying my [Reb,Blk]?

11-26-2009, 11:58 PM
Biedrins, Tmac, and Rasheed immediately stand out to me as problems. When Biedrins/Tmac come back you should be fine, that's if they ever come back lol. Rasheed has been doing ok but not great. Not really worth holding onto so maybe use him for trade bait. The rest of your team is decently solid.