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11-09-2009, 08:32 PM
Once or a twice year, PSD holds an NBA ReDraft. In this game played by PSD users, all the players in the NBA go into a draft pool. A lottery is held to determine the order and in 12 rounds of drafting and trading the GMs try to create the best team possible.

This second round match-up features the 2nd seeded Los Angeles Lakers versus the 3rd seeded Sacramento Kings. The Lakers have homecourt advantage. Their respective rosters and write-ups are listed below:

Keep in mind these are not the real life teams.


PG: Kirk Hinrich/Ronnie Price
SG: Dwayne Wade/Ricky Davis/Bobby Jackson
SF: Rashard Lewis/Rodney Carney/Devean George
PF: Glen Davis/Fabricio Oberto
C: Yao Ming/Theo Ratliff


C-Tyson Chandler/Rasho Nesterovic/Aaron Gray
PF-Kevin Garnett/David Andersen
SF-Tayshaun Prince/Matt Barnes
SG-Mike Miller/Morris Peterson
PG-Jameer Nelson/George Hill/Royal Ivey

Lakers write-up:

(2) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (3) Sacramento Kings

Point Guard Matchup:
Kirk Hinrich (Lakers) vs. Jameer Nelson (Kings)
Contrary to popular belief, I am VERY excited about this matchup. Nelson is a high quality point guard, but Hinrich is a top notch defensive point guard, (might be the best defensive point guard in the league behind Chauncey Billups). Hinrich will be able limit Nelson's penetration which is the majority of his damage. Hinrich's size will also be helpful on the defensive end, which will help him defend the jumper. Offensively, Kirk will be able to stretch the floor with his solid 3pt shooting, and he will be able to drive all day, because Jameer is not all that great of a defender. I think that Hinrich has a very strong series here, making this position a push.
Advantage: Even

Shooting Guard Matchup:
Dwayne Wade (Lakers) vs. Mike Miller (Kings) OR Tayshaun Prince (Kings)
Wade obviously wins this matchup by a mile. Miller is incredibly deficient on defense, and Wade would absolutely tear him apart each and every game. The advantage here is so huge that other players would be double teaming on almost every possession, leaving players like Lewis and Hinrich open for wide open jumpers, or Yao open for easy dunks. Now, in the case the Kings put Prince on Wade, there is another strategy. Prince is a top notch defensive player, but is getting a bit older, and cannot match the quickness of Wade at all. Yes, Prince is long, but Wade is a top 3 player in the league, and Wade would still terrorize him in this series.
Advantage: Lakers

Small Forward Matchup:
Rashard Lewis (Lakers) vs. Tayshaun Prince (Kings) OR Mike Miller (Kings)
This matchup depends on the shooting guard matchup. Obviously, Prince would give Lewis more trouble than Miller. But if Prince takes Lewis, then Miller is left to give Wade probably 40 per night. Either way, Lewis does have the advantage. Lewis' shot from the outside is a massive advantage becasue he is 6'10, and is very quick for his size. His post play will also be able to be used positively against Prince, and he would completely over-whelm Miller. Defensively, Lewis has the quickness to guard Prince, but obviously is not a great defender, but he still has the advantage in general.
Advantage: Lakers

Power Forward Matchup:
Glen Davis (Lakers) vs. Kevin Garnett (Kings)
Now, I am not going to insult anyone's intelligence by saying that I have any sort of advantage here, on either side of the floor, but Glen Davis is no slouch. He can shoot 20 ft jumper very effectively to draw KG away from the basket, or if he collapses on Hinrich or Wade driving, then Davis is good for kick out 20 footer. Defensively, Glen Davis is solid, but KG will definitely over-whelm him, but Davis will be able to hold him in a few games from going crazy
Advantage: Kings

Center Matchup:
Yao Ming (Lakers) vs. Tyson Chandler (Kings)
Yes, Tyson Chandler is a good defender, but he will not be able to stop Yao Ming. Yao's 10-15 foot game is amazing, and Tyson will not be able to come close. Tyson's pick and roll game with Jameer will be an advantage for the kings, but since Kirk is such a strong defender, the effects of the pick-and-roll should be minimized.
Advantage: Lakers

Ronnie Price, Ricky Davis, Fabricio Oberto, Theo Ratliff, + others (Lakers) vs.
George Hill, Morris Peterson, Matt Barnes, Rasho Nesterovich + others (Kings)
The Kings have a small advantage here, but Davis and and Oberto aren't done yet, and Price brings LOTS of energy off the bench. The bench's effect should be minimal.

The Lakers feel this will be a tough series, but are very confident that they can advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Kings write-up:

First off I want to congratulate Lakerfrk for advancing to the second round of the playoffs. The job he did with this Laker team in his first ReDraft was extremely impressive and I wish him the best of luck in this match-up.


As with our first round match-up against the Grizzlies, this is a pivotal match-up in the series. Tyson Chandler and Kevin Garnett are tasked with defending one of the most offensively refined big men in the league. Fortunately the two of them together combined with the extra efforts of perimeter players like Tayshaun Prince and Matt Barnes create a suffocating defensive frontcourt and if there's any front set in the ReDraft capabale of clamping down on a player of Yao Ming's caliber, it's ours.

Offensively, we have a clear advantage at the 4 spot. Glen Davis had an outstanding showing in the postseason but his limits as a power forward, especially in a match-up against one of the best in the game are clear. He's undersized and a poor rebounder. Those are two of the worst attributes to have when pitted against the likes of two fierce defenders and rebounders like Kevin Garnett and Tyson Chandler. Chandler excels at defending the pick and pop, Glen's offensive forte, and at the other end Yao doesn't have the mobility nor Davis the size to handle KG.

Defense and a glaring mismatch gives us the advantage in the post.

Edge: Kings

Small Forward:

Mike Miller will actually handle defending Rashard Lewis and when he isn't, Matt Barnes will. Both have enough size and athleticism to contend his jumpshots and if he manages to get around them, we have two of the best help defenders in the league coming over in KG and Chandler. Those combined factors will severely limit Lewis' production in this series. He's an underrated penetrator but not a great passer and that flaw will be exploited when KG or Chandler force him to kick it out.

Lewis is actually a pretty decent defender when he puts his mind to it and we expect defense to be on his mind in the postseason. We won't deny he'll be able to stop Barnes or Miller short, though neither are prolific offensive contributors other than shooting. And you can't shut down a shooter; all you can do is contest.

Edge: Even


Tayshaun Prince and Matt Barnes will handle the handful of an assignment that is Dwyane Wade. Wade gets the vast majority of his points penetrating and getting to the foul line. With the two aggressive defensive stoppers we have roaming the lane, he'll have to settle for jumpshots or kickouts on a few plays. We expect that to be a major factor in this series.

We assume the Lakers will try to say Wade is too quick for Barnes, Miller, Prince, or anyone we have to throw in his face and they would be absolutely right. But we have 3 lane cloggers in Chandler, Rasho, and Gray to plant under the rim and arguably the best defender in the league in Kevin Garnett protecting the rim. Wade could probably get just about anything he wants from midrange but that's not the forte of his offensive game and if we can limit him to shooting more jumpshots than blazing to the rim, we would be fine with that.

Jameer Nelson gets the edge over one of my favorite players, Kirk Hinrich. He's quicker and a higher percentage shooter from outside. Hinrich is the perfect point guard for this team though and we don't expect him to lay an egg by any means but Nelson has distinct physical advantages that give him the nod here in terms of production and overall impact on the series.

Edge: Lakers

Benches are rarely important in ReDrafts but we firmly believe our reserves are clearly superior to theirs. Not that it would be a pivotal factor in the series.

The Lakers are an excellent, well-rounded team with a handful of offensive weapons but defensively their frontcourt is slow and inferior on the glass. Their perimeter players, primarily Wade, will be limited in what they can do around the rim with Kevin Garnett and Tyson Chandler protecting it and that's why the series goes to the Kings. Good luck to Lakerfrk and his Lakers.

11-09-2009, 09:15 PM
Lakers, barely. Wade and Yao is just too tough to overcome, not to mention an all star callibur player in Rashard Lewis as the third option, and one of the more underrated pgs in the league in Hinrich.

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Really good series. Lakers back-court dominates the Kings, and the Kings front-court dominates the Lakers. Tayshaun Prince has always done a good job against Lewis when he's matched up with, part of the reason the Pistons are always so good against the Magic. Both benches are pretty meh. I gotta go with the Lakers, just too much talent. But Davis starting almost made me vote Kings.

11-09-2009, 10:44 PM
I saw hinrich 2nd best defensive guard and the game and stopped reading :facepalm:

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I saw hinrich 2nd best defensive guard and the game and stopped reading :facepalm:


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Contrary to popular belief, I am VERY excited about this matchup

I found this the funniest part, I mean, there was such widespread belief..global even that he wasnt going to be excited, and to find out that he IS....I actually gasped