View Full Version : Trade Idea: Hornets, Bucks, and Lakers

11-01-2009, 07:09 PM
Eh, so I was bored. Don't criticize. I know we're the defending champs, but ur always lookin to make moves to get better.

Hornets get:

Michael Redd (From Milwaukee) $17 Mil a season over the next 2 yrs

Francisco Elson (From Milwaukee) Expiring Contract of $1.7 Mil

Bucks get:

Hilton Armstrong (From New Orleans) Expiring Contract of $2.8 Mil

Adam Morrison (From Lakers) Expiring Contract of $5.2 Mil

Sasha Vujacic (From Lakers) $5 Mil a season over the next 2 yrs

Luke Walton (From Lakers) $4.8 Mil a season over the next 4 yrs

Lakers get:

Peja Stojakovic (From New Orleans) $13.3 Mil a season over the next 2 yrs

Kurt Thomas (From Milwaukee) Expiring Contract of $3.8 Mil

I do think that the Hornets would trade Peja to a conference rival, the Lakers, to save a bit of money (since the owner and franchise have been losing some dough the last 2 seasons or so), but you guys get a better overall scorer and a great 3 pt shooter in Michael Redd. I feel Peja's time has gone with the Hornets. Bucks will be rebuilding, so getting rid of Redd's 34 mil over the next 2 seasons would be okay for expriing contracts in a young guys like Armstrong and Morrison who got potential for the future, Vujacic comes off the books in 2 seasons, and Walton is the only guy's salary they'd have to take.

Bucks are not really lookin to win now, and they might have to take on Walton's contract to make the salaries work. They prolly dont wanna pay Redd, a guy coming off of a torn ACL injury, 17 mil a season for the next 2 yrs.

You guys also get a vet big man in Elson (i tried the trade of u guys getting Thomas, but the salaries worked against your team). Elson, Okafor and West would be a good front court.

Lakers give up potential in Morrison, a disappointing Sasha, and the playmaking/passing of a slow but fundamentally sound high IQ guy who's been with the team the last 6+ yrs in Luke Walton, but now stregnthen bench with Peja's shooting in the triangle, as well as a vet forward in Kurt Thomas.


11-01-2009, 11:57 PM
not bad but i dont think the lakers would empty their bench to get(and pay) peja for 2 years since they have guys that can hit a 3 and not be miserable everywhere else. they dont need kurt thomas either(also a major upheaval of bench in whats sposed to be another title chase)....i dont know his height offhand but we dont need a little 2 guard next to cp3 even tho redd used to have game...and it seems the hornets are taking on more money this year in this scenario which they dont wanna do....and i just saw you are a lakers fan so do yourself a favor and dont suggest this to old man buss.