View Full Version : Roy Jones Jnr vs Danny Green

09-29-2009, 06:27 AM
Roy Jones Jr, one of the world's greatest boxers, has wasted no time getting under the skin of rival Danny Green by wearing a Melbourne Storm jersey when he touched down in Sydney early today (Tuesday, 29 September).

Jones is in Australia for the next couple of week to promote his December 2 world title fight against Green at Acer Arena, and is scheduled to appear alongside the Perth slugger at Sunday's NRL Grand Final at ANZ Stadium.

Green has spent the past four years training with the (Parramatta) Eels and is good friends with the Parramatta players.

So it comes as no surprise that Jones made sure he threw his weight behind Melbourne, the fourth-time grand finalists out to ruin the Eels' golden season.

Even though Jones would be flat out trying to name a Storm player, he said he was looking forward to being paraded before 80,000 (rugby) league fans on Sunday.

"I'm here to do business and a job. I hope the fans receive me well, but at the same time, I can't be hurt if they don't." he said.

mX paper.

Seems pretty small for now, and the fight isn't for another few months, but its good to see these to great boxers at the game, and I love the subtle mind games by Jones and I'm sure it'll continue.

Personally, I think Green will win this fight (I may be a homer) he still got power and speed, whereas RJ is a shell of his former self. It'll be a hard fought battle and could go down to the wire. I hope Green wins and I pray he fights Mundine again - surely that will be sometime in the future.

Curious as to what you guys may think about Jones Jr and Danny Green going at it? Thoughts? Who do you think will win?