View Full Version : Don't belive the hype

09-25-2009, 01:03 PM
Has anyone ever met chris paul? I met him for the first time last night and he was a total arrogant dbag. I met him after he taped the espn homecoming w/ rick riley. Here is the setting in it's entirty It's his after party in downtown winston salem only a close bunch of HS friends were there no media maybe family about 50 people. I see him gave him a pound asked to take a picture he poses I tell the homeboy behind me to take this picture then I turn around and poof cp3 was gone. I then proceed to make my way to the drinks and they are 3-10 dollars a pop, disgusted I proceed to arrange my ride out of there.
Not trying to bash the dude but you would think that he was a stand up guy who is a man of the people after all the positive coverage in the media he gets. The point of this essay is don't belive the hype. On a side note mo pete was funny as hell and byron scott looks old on tv and young in person.

Has anyone else had this type of expirience w/ an nba player and if so who was it? :cool: