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09-07-2009, 12:52 AM
So I know all of us Devils fans were disappointed with the way our offseason turned out, I mean the Christmas of the hockey offseason the time to see your team solidify there position as a cup contender and we did nothing. We let a lot of players go, and I'm not sure how we'll fair this season barring a pick up of say, Kessel or Marleau. So I found a website called www.hockeysfuture.com the Devils have never been a win now team and I doubt they ever will be they always look to the future so take a look at this site read up on our top prospects. I think 2010/2011 (the year people like Tedenby and recently drafted Jacob Josefson should be making the leap into american hockey) is gonna be a good year for us.
So check this site out, and lets hear some thoughts, comments.

10-19-2009, 03:51 AM
Seeing how Parise and Zajac are both North Dakota Fighting Sioux alum, I'd say start drafting more of their recruits. ;)