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08-17-2009, 10:38 PM
whats up. i know its still early but i was wondering what should pirates do this off season. like who should we sign. me personally i think marco scutaro will be great pick up for pirates. what do u think?

08-18-2009, 12:04 AM
I dont think the Buccos will sign anyone significant. I have some confidence in Hunington, but he wont sign any big name or even mid level free agents. We have not had much success in the past with free agents; Pat Meares, Jeromy Burnitz, Raul Mondesi, Derek Bell, etc. I know that was Littlefields/Bonifay's fault. I think the Pirates desperately need starting pitching and bullpen help and someone who can hit more than 20 HR's!!! Jones is good, but he might not even reach 20HR's. How many other teams dont have a 20 HR hitter?!?!?!

1b - Steve Pearce
2b - Delwyn Young
SS - Ronny Cedeno -- (he obviously is temporary, do we have any SS prospects) - if not Scudaro would be a great addition, if we can afford him
3b - LaRoche - Alvarez likely to take over next year
C - Doumit, Jarmillo, Clement if he ever develops into an MLB player
OF - Jones
OF - McCutchen
OF - Milledge

I think this is a descent starting lineup. I was happy that Hunnington had the fire sale, all of those players were average and over paid - except Freddy...We need pitching and POWER hitters desperately..

Our current team salary is $25 million, (according to ESPN) obviously the lowest paid team in the league..

08-18-2009, 04:20 PM
I don't expect the Pirates to make any big FA acquisitions. The Pirates are building for the future and are unlikely to spend even mediocre money on stopgaps. That money has gone toward the draft in the last 2 years. Think of a deal like Orlando Cabrera, 1 year 4 million. Hopefully the Pirates can make a similar signing like that. Then if the guy performs well, they can flip 'em for a B-level prospect to build for the future.