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08-13-2009, 02:23 AM
As we all know Coach Brown is not done changing the roster.

My question is as a Bobcat fan is who should be the next to be moved?

Should Felton or Wallace be traded and if so for who?

I have my own opinions but was wondering how other Bobcat fans felt on the topic

08-13-2009, 02:31 AM
Nice thread. If we trade anybody, I'd like to get a big that can play in the post. No Jazz fans...that does not mean we do a Wallace for Boozer trade. We want someone who doesn't act like a ***** all offseason, openly talk about opting out DURING the season while being injured, and has little chance of staying past this year.

08-13-2009, 08:26 AM
I think Diaw, Wallace and Felton are the core of the team right now. So I don't see any of them being moved.

I think they'd definitely like to move Nazr's contract. Probably would be willing to move VladRad and Diop as well if they could get something of value in return. Raja Bell is probably our most attractive trade piece that the Bobcats would actually be willing to trade right now but only if they got something of significant value in return though.

I don't see the Bobcats making any big moves unless another team is willing to take on Nazr's contract.

08-13-2009, 09:48 AM
The only trade pieces are their youth. And next year Chandlers expiring if they decide to make a push.
They need to keep Felton, Wallace, Diaw, and DJ. I even think at his age, Chandler should be a keeper too.

I was really upset at the Diop trade. Made no sense. I was mocking Dallas for giving him a terrible contract and then he was moved to my city (though I'm sure he gets lots of booty at bar charlotte :D)

08-13-2009, 12:38 PM
as a hugh bobcats fan there are some things that need to change.

I don't think you sign Felton unless you get him close what is currently offered. You don't need to give him too much money. Cause then what are you going to do when my boy dj shows him up. DJ is the point guard of our future. Then your going to be over paying another person and wont be able to trade him. DJ will overtake the starting roll by the end of the year.

Bell is very good trade bait but henderson cant step in and do what bell does. You need to get a scoring sg.

Wallace needs to go nowhere. If he gets a jump shot, watch out!!!!

Diaw is a great player hes just undersized to play the 4 position. So we give up a little in rebounding. We need a back up PF that can hit the glass hard.

Chandler I hope is going to be a good pick up. Not a real big fan of the trade but atleast he wont be the last one up and down the court like okafor. I really felt okafor killed our fast brakes with his speed. We need to dump some centers though.

Bench has decent depth, Henderson needs some time... DJ wont be on the bench long...
Vlady doesn't work in our system because we dont have a kobe taking triple teams, leaving him open.... We are deep at the Center position... too deep...

sign & trade felton... package Vlady... dump Diop... Get a legit scoring 2 guard! I think mohammed is beter even though hes over paid... noone will take his contract noone is as dumb as us.

08-13-2009, 01:38 PM
As much as I hate to say this but we're talking about trading people for value and in reality we won't, IMO, trade anyone for value. It will simply be a salary dump like the okafor deal (speaking of the future cap relief, not immediate). I'm expecting small trades that go under the radar so to speak. But for the sake of this discussion I say if we can't get Felton for a long term deal and only get him for a one year deal in which he becomes a UFA after the season, I say we sign and trade him for a combo scoring guard and draft pick. I hate not having 1 round draft picks, it makes the off season more fun if you ask me. And from the sounds of things it's a good draft coming up. So when we do trade, try to pick up draft picks and build the organization through the draft, since we aren't attractive enough and don't have good enough managment to get top notch free agents to come here.

08-13-2009, 01:55 PM
Our core players are: Felton(assuming we don't trade him), DJ, Wallace, Diaw, Raja, and Chandler. So we have 2 pg, 1 sf, 1 combo forward, 1 aging sg, and 1 injury prone center. The two weak links there are Chandler and Raja. I would rather not trade Raja because I would like Henderson to learn off of him. Since NO tried trading Chandler all season and never had a good offer (unless you consider OKC's offer good), good luck to us on him. Personally I like him and can help us run the court better but he has to stay healthy to do so. Sooo with all of the B.S. I just made up in my head in 2 minutes in mind our only out to helping us is Felton or Wallace. I look at it from this perspective, unless we get another person from the same position in return, which has the better back-up that can come in without major problem. To me the answer is Felton. DJ is more than capable of doing the job, IMO. Package Felton with someone like Vlad or Diop, or even Nazr (wishful thinking) for draft picks or for a offensive threat that will bring relief to Gerald Wallace and the world will go round and round happily...