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08-07-2009, 06:55 PM
SASKATOON - As a regular feature, Canwest sports reporter Cory Wolfe gets personal with a sports figure. This week, Wolfe cornered Brampton Battalion forward Matt Duchene during Hockey Canada's summer camp in Saskatoon.

Canwest: The Colorado Avalanche drafted you third overall in June's NHL draft. You were only four when the Quebec Nordiques moved to Colorado in 1995, but can you name five former Nordiques? And Joe Sakic doesn't count.

Duchene: Mats Sundin was drafted there. Mike Ricci, Peter Forsberg, (Sylvain) Lefebvre. . . . Hmmm. I'm trying to think of who would have been (on Colorado) from the old team.

Canwest: Easier said than done?

Duchene: I'm trying to think of that '96 team. Owen Nolan.

Canwest: There you go. Well done. OK, when Tampa Bay selected Victor Hedman second overall, TV cameras caught you giving a little fist pump. Were you really that happy for Hedman?

Duchene: You know what? I was pretty happy for him. He's going to have a great opportunity there and they needed some defence for sure, and . . .

Canwest: Yeah, and you and Victor go way back.

Duchene: We became pretty good friends. We spent a lot of time together from the combine on. I was happy for him, but the fist pump was because I was going to get a chance to go to my favourite team growing up. It was nothing against Tampa Bay. That would've been a great opportunity, but it's not very often that you get to get drafted by your favourite team.

Canwest: True enough. You play guitar. Are you more likely to rock out or strum sensitive ballads?

Duchene: Probably rock out. I like country and rock. I'm a big Green Day fan, so I want to get an electric guitar and play some of their songs pretty loud.

Canwest: Which song do you hope your teammates never find in your iPod?

Duchene: Probably Hung Up by Madonna. Great tune, though. It's a great warm- up tune. I don't have much that I'm embarrassed of, but that might be the closest. I put it on sometimes and guys go, ``Madonna? What's this?'' But it pumps me up.

Canwest: You won an under-18 world championship in 2008. Which teammate had the worst singing voice during O Canada?

Duchene: I think Cody Hodgson's pretty bad. I don't think he's got much musical talent. I'm ripping on him because we're good buddies (and teammates in Brampton).

Canwest: What should you endorse?

Duchene: Sunscreen. I have brutal skin. I break out in a bad sun rash if I don't wear it. I'd be a good sunscreen promoter.

Canwest: Outside of sports publications, which magazine cover would you like grace?

Duchene: GQ.

Canwest: Describe the cover.

Duchene: Something with me and a guitar - a little different side of me (wearing) some casual, rock-looking clothes.

Canwest: What was the happiest non-hockey moment of your life?

Duchene: That's really tough. Probably winning a bronze medal in discus (at the Ontario high school championships). I was pretty happy. I started throwing a month before and I ended up coming third against guys who have been doing it for years.

Canwest: Trivial Pursuit co-creator Scott Abbott owns your junior team, the Brampton Battalion, and you're the OHL's reigning scholastic player of the year. Could you beat Abbott at his own game?

Duchene: No. No way. I've never played Trivial Pursuit and I don't think I'm educated enough on the content of that game.

Canwest: Finally, which player from this camp would you trust to date your sister?

Duchene: Wow. That's tough. Probably Cody Hodgson. I don't think he'd be messing around and he's a nice guy.http://www.canada.com/Duchene+talks+rock+music+rashes/1870425/story.html