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Raps18-19 Champ
08-03-2009, 02:31 AM
I did some research and have statistics on the chances both the Magic and Lakers come back to the finals, statistics about repeats and more.

*These stats are based on the year 1990 until now.

NBA Finals sincce 1989

Teams listed first were Champions

90:Pistons vs Blazer
91:Bulls vs Laker
92:Bulls vs Blazers
93:Bulls vs Suns
94:Rockets vs Knicks
95:Rockets vs Magic
96:Bulls vs Supersonics
97:Bulls vs Jazz
98:Bulls vs Jazz
99:Spurs vs Knicks
00:Lakers vs Pacers
01:Lakers vs 76ers
02:Lakers vs Nets
03:Spurs vs Nets
04:Pistons vs Lakers
05:Spurs vs Pistons
06:Heat vs Mavericks
07:Spurs vs Cavaliers
08:Celtics vs Lakers
09:Lakers vs Magic

The Finals bolded is the only finals where both teams reach the finals. Those teams were the Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls. This only happened once in 19 years.

Stats of the same 2 teams reaching the Finals in consecutive years:5% or 1/19.

The Finals underlined is the only finals where the losing team reached the finals for a 2nd year in a row and lost twice but the defending champions didn't repeat. That team was the Nets in 2002 and 2003. This only happened once in 19 years.

Stats of the losing team reaching the Finals but the defending champions don't in consecutive years:5% or 1/19.

The Finals in italics shows that 1 team(regardless of either winning or not) that made the finals the year before reach the finals that year. Out of the finals were a team did reach the finals for a 2nd(or more) year in a row, 7 of them were repeat champion(Not including the first year) with the Bulls from 91-93, Rockets from 94-95, Bulls from 96-98 and the Lakers from 00-02. 2 of the finals where a team lost in the first finals and won their 2nd finals is with the Lakers losing in 08 but won in 09. 2 of the finals where a team won the first finals but lost their 2nd finals is with the Piston winning in 04 but losing in 05.

Stats of 1 team coming back regardless of either winning or losing in the finals before(Either repeating, losing then winning or winning then losing): 47%or 9/19(Based on the stats of not including the first year).

Stats of the team coming back repeating as Champions: 38% or 7/19.

Stats of teams coming back and losing after winning the first year: 5% or 1/19

Stats of teams coming backand winning after losing the first year: 5% or 1/19

Based on those stats, there is a 5% chance their is a finals rematch, 5% chance of the Magic coming back but the Lakers don't and losing again, 38% chance that the Lakers will repeat facing another team, 5% chance the Magic win facing another team, and 5% chance the Lakers losing to another team.

It is 3 am here and I am tired so I might have some mistakes.Let me know if there is something wrong with the calculations.

08-03-2009, 08:07 AM
One thing I do know, is the when the Bulls played the Jazz in consecutive years that it was the first time that the team that won it all one year and played the same team the next won it all again the next since 1966

Few Examples

1957 Celtics beat Hawks
1958 Hawks beat Celtics

1972 Lakers beat Knicks
1973 Knicks beat Lakers

1978 Washington beats Seattle
1979 Seattle beats Washington

1982 Lakers beat Sixers
1983 Sixers beat Lakers

1984 Celtics beat Lakers
1985 Lakers beat Celtics

1988 Lakers beat Pistons
1989 Pistons beat Lakers

1997 Bulls beat Jazz
1998 Bulls beat Jazz

Raps18-19 Champ
08-03-2009, 01:38 PM
I was going to do the whole NBA history but it was too much work.

08-03-2009, 02:09 PM
The Magic had there chance and they blew it, Badly. Stats are good for individual success, but for team success there is no certainty.