View Full Version : Post All Star game thoughts : I wish WBC mattered more

07-15-2009, 06:21 PM
Came across this video after watching the all star game in which my beloved NL lost again :(


I got really pumped up after watching this short tribute. Growing up in Asia, baseball being a way of life is nothing new. I really wish one day, MLB can find a way to work with the international committee and find a way to make the WBC work and have it be meaningful, same way the World Cup is.

I would love to dress in Red, White, and Blue and run around screaming USA! USA! USA!

The competition between Japan and Korea in the finals of WBC mattered to Millions of people. I only wish we could have generated the same frenzy in the US and had our best players in the game as well as the nation's backing.

Just wanted to share that, please don't start a flame war. I understand that economics is the reason why players aren't participating in the WBC (or in some cases, teams not letting their players participate). I just wish there is a way around it.

07-15-2009, 07:09 PM
I think it means less to us because our players are scattered across so many countries. Cheering for the US team or player in anything is always fun, but can you really hate the other team if their best player is your ace or starting SS?

07-15-2009, 08:58 PM
I agree with the OP on this. I think it isn't a baseball problem though, I think it is something that is particular with the United States. We are such a huge country that I can't imagine us achieving the same fevered nationalism about sports that other, smaller countries have. I lived in Germany during the 2006 World Cup. It was insane how seriously people took their nation's games. I don't know exactly why this is. Perhaps because America is so large, and our national pastimes are admittedly less international, we get more fevered about our local teams than we would with our national team.

Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to see the excitement I saw with the World Cup with the WBC. I love the WBC and I watched every game I could. I think it is a great idea and I only want to see it succeed.

Simply put: I think MLB faces more problems than just American players not being into the tournament. I honestly don't think Americans in general care about international competition as much as other nations tend to. Case in point: I live in San Francisco, which is a fairly cosmopolitan place, and when the US Men's Team beat Spain last month few people cared. I don't know if that has more to do with soccer or more to do with international sports, but it is telling.