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07-13-2009, 10:57 AM
i saw one of these in the rangers forum and thought maybe it would bring this one to life.

Favorite New Pirate-
Least Valuable Player-
Surprise Player-

Best batter-
Best starter-
Best reliver-
Best rookie batter-
Best rookie pitcher-
Most improved batter-
Most improved starter-
Most improved reliver-
Gold Glove IF-
Gold Glove OF-
Coach of Year-
Best deal (includes off-season)-
Worst deal (includes off-season)-
Best play-
Worst play-
Worst batter-
Worst starter-
Worst reliver
Best Minor League batter-
Best Minor League starter-
Best Minor League reliver-
Best game-

Worst game-

Predictions for 2nd half of season--
Most likely to succeed (batter)-
Most likely to succeed (starter)-
Most likely to succeed (reliver)-
Most likely to fail (batter)-
Most likely to fail (starter)-
Most likely to fail (reliver)-

07-13-2009, 11:20 AM
MVP- Zach Duke
Favorite new Pirate- Gorkys Hernandez this guy is going to be a beast
least valuable player- Brian Bixler
suprise player- McCutch/Duke/jones

Best batter-Sanchez An. Laroche looks like he might be getting there
best starter-Duke maybe ohlendorf
best reliever- chavez
best rookie batter- McCutch
best rookie pitcher-Morton?
most improved batter- An. laroche/moss
most improved reliever-Chavez
gold glove infield-Sanchez/wilson
gold glove outfield-McCutch
best coach- Kerrigan(pitchers coach)
Best deal- nyjer trade potential wise
worst deal- Hinske trade?
best play- wilson sliding catch and throws out rollins
worst play-?
worst batter-vazquez/bixler
worst pitcher-virgil
worst reliever-idk
best minor league batter-alvarez
best minor league starter-lincoln
best minor league reliever-uviedo
best game- any one they actually won
worst game-?
Predictions for 2nd half of season--
Most likely to succeed (batter)- an. laroche/mccutch
Most likely to succeed (starter)-duke
Most likely to succeed (reliver)-hopefully we see hanrahan do something
Most likely to fail (batter)-bixler/it pains me but jones might get figured out
Most likely to fail (starter)-virgil
Most likely to fail (reliver)- yates

07-13-2009, 03:08 PM
MVP- Freddy Sanchez
Favorite New Pirate- Jason Jaramillo
Least Valuable Player- Luis Cruz
Surprise Player- Garret Jones

Best batter- Freddy Sanchez
Best starter- Zach Duke
Best reliver- Evan Meek
Best rookie batter- Andrew McCutchen
Best rookie pitcher- Jesse Chavez (Morton isnt a rookie)
Most improved batter- Andy LaRoche
Most improved starter- Zach Duke
Most improved reliver- Evan Meek
Gold Glove IF- Jack Wilson
Gold Glove OF- Andrew McCutchen
Coach of Year- Perry Hill
Best deal (includes off-season)- Morgan/Burnett trade
Worst deal (includes off-season)- Ramon Vazquez contract
Best play- Alot of the double plays have been great but I will go with Andrew McCutchen throw to cut off man anchez from Towels Hill and then getting Tejada out at the plate
Worst play- I try to forget most of these but McCutchen losing the ball in the Metrodome roof sticks out to me
Worst batter- Brian Bixler
Worst starter- Ian Snell
Worst reliver- Tyler Yates
Best Minor League batter- Calvin Anderson
Best Minor League starter- Rudy Owens
Best Minor League reliver- RJ Rodriguez
* Minor league awards just based on this season
Best game- Last game of the sweep against the former 11-1 Marlins
Worst game- The recent loss to the Phillies when Capps allowed 4 runs in the ninth

Predictions for 2nd half of season--
Most likely to succeed (batter)- Andy LaRoche
Most likely to succeed (starter)- Paul Maholm
Most likely to succeed (reliver)- Evan Meek (I think Capps will be traded and he will become the closer)
Most likely to fail (batter)- Delwyn Young
Most likely to fail (starter)- Virgil Vasquez
Most likely to fail (reliver)- Joel Hanrahan

07-13-2009, 06:57 PM
MVP-Duke (Sanchez a close second)
Favorite New Pirate-Jaramillo (still waiting for Doumit to move to 1B or RF permantely)
Least Valuable Player-Adam LaRoche
Surprise Player-Ohlendorf (I want to see Jones continue this for awhile first)

Best batter-Sanchez
Best starter-Duke
Best reliver-Grabow (Meek and Burnett [before the trade] are right there as well)
Best rookie batter-McCutchen
Best rookie pitcher- Chavez
Most improved batter-sadly Jack
Most improved starter-Ohlendorf
Most improved reliver-Meek
Gold Glove IF-Wilson
Gold Glove OF-None are worthy
Coach of Year-None are worthy
Best deal (includes off-season)-Hinske...getting anything for him was a steal
Worst deal (includes off-season)-The McLouth trade (while I see some like Goryks I think we got a 4/5th OF, a long reliever, and a middle reliever in that trade)
Best play-Jack's play in Philly
Worst play-Sanchez forgetting how many outs there were in Chicago (though there's a ton)
Worst batter-Bixler--if we weren't dumb enough to call him up it would have been Adam LaRoche
Worst starter-Ian Snell
Worst reliver--Joel Hanrahan (maybe the worst in the majors)
Best Minor League batter-Alvarez
Best Minor League starter-Lincoln
Best Minor League reliver-sadly Bootcheck
Best game-Duke's CG win vs. Houston
Worst game-Probably because it's most recent but the Capps game vs. Philly

Predictions for 2nd half of season
Most likely to succeed (batter)-Doumit (Freddy gets dealt)
Most likely to succeed (starter)-Duke (unless he's dealt)
Most likely to succeed (reliver)-Meek (Grabow and Capps get dealt)
Most likely to fail (batter)-Jones (not believing this is for real)
Most likely to fail (starter)-Morton (unless we actually count VV)
Most likely to fail (reliver)- Hanrahan

07-13-2009, 07:24 PM
I know Jones will slow down some but I liked his signing at the time and think he will be quite a good player for us. By the way at his current rate he would hit approximately 65 home runs in a full season worth of at bats.

I understand why everyone likes Lincoln (because he is closer) but there is no doubt the best minor league pitcher this year has been Rudy Owens. He is 10-1 with a 1.79 ERA, a 0.84 WHIP, and a K/BB ratio of 6.5:1

Oh and West Virginia has only 38 wins. And currently he has 31 straight shutout innings and is allowing less than half a hit per inning in that stretch.

Why is this guy still in West Virginia? I have no idea.